Music Monday, May 30, 2022 (Extra) – 2Z, BLANK2Y, DRIPPIN, P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$

A confident comeback, great debuts and exciting collab. New tracks from 2Z, BLANK2Y, DRIPPIN and P1Harmony/Pink Sweat$.

“2020 March” by 2Z

The band 2Z unleashed a surprise MV for their track “2020 March.” The track essentially tells the story of the band’s January 2020 debut and their march onward since then, always confident and always with their own unique color. Another great performance from the talented band of a song that is fun, dynamic and definitely one to rock out to.

“Thumbs Up” by BLANK2Y

BLANK2Y make their debut with the rousing, confident “Thumbs Up.” The hip-hop and trap dance track allows the group to make an impactful first impression. It’s an energetic song and performance that definitely showcases the rookie group’s talents and charisma.

In addition to an English version of the title track, their debut album also includes another catchy dance track “Touch” and the R&B ballad fan song “Constellation.” Overall, a solid debut from BLANK2Y! Looking forward to seeing and hearing what’s ahead from them.

“So Good” by DRIPPIN

DRIPPIN makes their Japanese debut with the youthful “So Good.” The bright dance track is different from their recent, great Korean releases. But it’s a nice introduction for new fans in Japan. And a fun treat for longtime fans everywhere.

“Gotta Get Back” by Pink Sweat$ and P1Harmony

P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$ collab on the sweet and mellow “Gotta Get Back.” The soulful pop-R&B track is definitely something you come to expect from the talented American singer-songwriter. But unless you’ve listened to P1Harmony’s great B-sides, this might be a different side of them for you compared to their (especially lately) high energy and powerful titles. But two artists come together for a seamless blending of voices in this great track.

2 thoughts on “Music Monday, May 30, 2022 (Extra) – 2Z, BLANK2Y, DRIPPIN, P1Harmony and Pink Sweat$

  1. All these K-pop groups trying to get Western clout. But also all these Western artists trying to get K-pop clout. lol Whatever.

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