Music Monday, April 4, 2022 (Part 2) – BAE173, YOUNITE, Daybreak, Lucy and VXON

Powerful tracks and bright comebacks from BAE173, YOUNITE feat. DJ Juice, Daybreak and Lucy and VXON

“Jaws” by BAE173

Almost a year since their last comeback with the wonderfully nostalgic and upbeat track “Loved You,” BAE173 return with a rousing hip-hop dance track in “Jaws.” It’s a performance-focused song that allows the group to step out with a confident and charismatic image. Powerful raps and smooth vocals pair with the strong choreography.

“Everybody” by YOUNITE feat. DJ Juice

Brand New Music’s rookie group YOUNITE prepare for their upcoming debut with their pre-release track “Everybody” featuring Brand New Music sunbae DJ Juice. The energetic hip-hop dance track is a fun and groovy introduction to the group and they make a strong first impression with it.

“The Answer” by Daybreak, LUCY

Bands Daybreak and LUCY come together to collaborate on “The Answer.” The two bands blend their signature sounds together for a rhythmic spring track telling the story of one couple. The groups’ collab has them adding their own colors to what results in a perfect match.

“P.S.” by VXON

After their charismatic and powerful debut, VXON quickly comes back with the bright “P.S.” The youthful and energetic track is perfect for the Philippines’ summer dry season as the boys make a promise and confession to a special someone.

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