Recap: Kamen Rider Revice: The Mystery – Episode 5

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Ikki and Ryu find Suzu who says she has been waiting to be able to kill them. She explains that her husband Ueshima Shogo was a scientist who researched injecting monster DNA into Stamps with the hopes they could use them against actual monsters.

Fenix scouted Shogo as well as a man named George Karizaki. George went on to create Vistamps and which ever between that and Shogo’s creation was more successful would end up being employed by Fenix.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

George’s Vistamps were chosen in the end and Suzu firmly believes it is because Papa Karizaki was already involved in Fenix. Thus, it was a rigged election process from the start. This drove her husband insane and he focused only on his research like he was possessed all the way until he died.

That’s when Suzu decided to carry on his will and complete his research in order to exact her revenge. The final step was to retrieve Orphnoch DNA, thus she needed Kaido. But things didn’t go as smoothly as she planned.

Ikki says this revenge will only bring her tears. Suzu knows none of this will bring her husband back, but she does not care if she dies too. She just wants to complete his research and destroy the very demonic system that killed him.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap
Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Suzu stamps the ground and summons Inves. Ikki, Vice and Ryu henshin. They battle the Inves and also get some help from Kaido who transforms into his Orphnoch form as well.

An Inves blows fire and it is about to engulf Suzu. But Kaido shields her and says he always smelled blood on her. He does get smitten by girls with issues.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Kaido tells Suzu to use him so she stamps him to get his DNA and he falls to the ground.

With a complete set of DNA, Suzu can now stamp herself and turn into a fearsome and powerful monster. George and Gen-san arrive and Suzu says once she kills Revice, George is next.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Ryu says taking revenge will only start a devilish cycle. But he, Ikki and Vice will stop her before that happens.

George suggests Ikki use the Eagle Stamp to better fight alongside Accel. Ryu also uphenshins to Trial and they work together. Hiromi arrives and vows to save Suzu as well.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Hiromi takes on Hanawa and releases him from his monster.

The others deliver finishers at Suzu and she is also released from the monster. As she falls from the sky, Suzu apologizes to Shogo. Ikki is able to catch her before she slams into the ground.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Suzu cries, saying they should’ve just let her die as she has no reason to live anymore. Ikki says she should atone for her sins by continuing the research, but this time use it for good instead. Suzu tells Ikki to stop meddling, but he smiles and says he’s Japan’s #1 meddler.

Ryu places Suzu under arrest. Kaido, still alive, walks away.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Back at Happy Spa, George is happy to see Gen-san and Ryu also there for a soak. George compliments Ikki for a job well done. Ikki is not even sure he did the right thing, but the others all say it’s for the best.

Gen-san says he’s happy to have met a passionate busybody Kamen Rider and will be telling all his friends about him. Ikki says he’d love to meet more Kamen Rider friends as well.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Hiromi, meanwhile, cries as he holds a bouquet of flowers, still thinking of Suzu-san.

Ryu gets ready to leave and says to George that it’s too bad for him that there’s nothing left of the monster Stamp. Indeed, George says. But he turns and lets out a sneaky smirk.

Later, it is revealed George actually saved a copy of all the data regarding the Oblivion Stamp.

Kamen Rider Revice The Mystery Episode 5 Recap

Episode Thoughts

That was a very nice miniseries. Like I mentioned last week I think, this probably would’ve made an excellent movie. I mean, it probably was a movie and they decided to just split it up into webseries-sized pieces. Very common these days.

Anyway, this was a great story. And surprisingly emotional and affecting. I think if this were presented as a movie, they could’ve done an even better job with laying out the dramatic side of Suzu and her husband’s tragedy.

And then when paired up with George’s sneaky, shadowy ways, this is definitely a pretty consequential part of Revice.

I’m watching this after the amazing Episode 25 and this is certainly a very different 20 minutes of show. But when put all together, it just helps to add to what has been such a full, well-written season so far. All these characters are already fully realized and dynamic individuals. And we still have lots more to learn and discover about them for the next 20-25 episodes too.

I think that’s my biggest takeaway from The Mystery. Just solidifying what I’m already feeling about the season and its characters and story. Enjoyable, but with a very welcome depth that makes you truly care about what you’re watching. Wonderful!

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