Let’s Celebrate 20 Years Since The Amazing Race 2!

The 33rd season of The Amazing Race wrapped up last week and the show has been renewed for a 34th season to come in the 2022-2023 TV season. But this week also marks an important anniversary in the franchise. And that is the 20th anniversary of the premiere of The Amazing Race 2.

Last fall, I decided to celebrate the 20th anniversary of The Amazing Race by rewatching and recapping the first season for the first time. It was my first full rewatch of season one since the episodes first premiered. And it was a very interesting experience. Looking at that first season with a 2021 perspective was definitely different from what I remember feeling when I first watched the episodes back in 2001.

Continuing the 20th anniversary party, I decided to go ahead and move on to season two and recap these episodes as well, almost 20 years to the day they first premiered on CBS.

The Amazing Race 2 is a very important season also because after the sort of experimental and rough around the edges first season, it was this 2nd season that would serve as the basis for the franchise’s format for now 20 years.

Bertram Van Munster and Co. tightened up the format and season two would be the first season in the familiar style and layout every TAR fan is used to today.

Like season one (and seasons three and four before it), this will be my first full rewatch of season two since these episodes first premiered. I’ve watched random episodes of season two here and there over the years. But never all the way through from Starting Line to Finish Line.

I know I remember some things. I probably have forgotten many things. So this will be another interesting experience. It’s hard for me to put myself in 2002 shoes when recapping these episodes in 2022. I’m going back into TAR2 with the knowledge and experience of 20 years of The Amazing Race, not to mention what I remember about the season itself.

So join me if you like as I experience The Amazing Race 2, 20 years later!

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