Music Monday, March 7, 2022 – Black Level, TEMPEST, VANNER, TRENDZ

Some super rookies and a welcome comeback. Great songs from Black Level, TEMPEST, VANNER and TRENDZ

“Infection” by Black Level

Catching up on some debuts from the last few weeks, first up is Black Level. I didn’t know much about the group going into this music video, but I seemed to recognize some familiar faces. And indeed, the group includes some previous members from other groups I listen to as well. “Infection” is a strong debut. The group oozes charisma throughout the music video as their visuals and performance match the sultry vocals bringing the lyrics to life. The chorus is especially addictive. Looking forward to hearing more from them.

“Bad News” by TEMPEST

It’s been a while since Yuehua Entertainment debuted its first boy group UNIQ back in 2014(!). Though the group has been on indefinite hiatus since 2018, every single member of the group has remained active and all have actually done some big things with their solo work so far. So it’s about time for Yuehua to introduce the next generation of their company’s stars and TEMPEST certainly makes a great first impression. “Bad News” is a fun and energetic debut. The funky rhythm and great harmony between rap and vocals are very appealing aspects.

Also, two of the members previously debuted as Hyeongseop x Euiwoong after their time on Produce 101 and I definitely recommend their songs “Love Tint” and especially “Love Letter.”

“Rollin” by VANNER

It’s been a while since VANNER last released new music I think? I’m not sure. But the last I remember was the fun, rousing “Form” that I think was at least a year ago. So it’s great to see them back and with a bright and equally fun song in “Rollin.” The dance-pop track is full of energy and has a refreshing, addictive charm. A welcome comeback from the group!

“Villain” by TRENDZ

TRENDZ has had a great debut so far. And they follow up their strong title track “TNT (Truth&Trust)” with the also awesome “Villain.” The guys exude confidence and charisma with the song and its lyrics. But it is their performance that really stands out. An excellent showcase for these super rookies’ talents.

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