Recap: The Amazing Race 33, Episode 10 – “You got my boat!”

Recap: The Amazing Race 33, Episode 10 – No Room for Error

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

The Final Four fly via charter flight to Lisbon, Portugal. The Leg begins at Sanctuary of Christ the King in Almada. Raquel & Cayla depart at 8:30am, Kim & Penn and Arun & Natalia depart at 8:45am and Ryan & Dusty depart at 9:00am.

With zero euros for this Leg, teams must first drive themselves to Fortaleza de Sao Filipe in the town of Setubal. From the fort, teams must search for the flag below by the waterfront and figure out how to reach it.

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

At that flag is the first Road Block: Who wants to go exploring? For this Road Block, teams must choose one of only four boats among many to be painted with the name of a Portuguese explorer. The others are just regular Portuguese celebrities. When they row the correct boat to the other side of the marina, the fisherman will hand them the next clue.

Kim & Penn arrive at the Road Block first and Kim decides to do the Road Block. Raquel, Arun and Ryan are next to start the task.

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

Kim chooses a boat with Fernao de Magalhaes, not knowing who he is. But that is a correct answer. She and Penn can now make their way on foot to Mercearia Confianca de Troino.

Raquel’s Bartolomeu Dias is correct, so she and Cayla can leave. Arun chooses António Guterres, but that is the UN Secretary General. Ryan chooses Fernando Pessoa, but he is a Portuguese poet.

Arun sees a boat with Vasco da Gama, but he has to return his boat first. Ryan is quicker with parking and takes the Vasco da Gama boat for himself.

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

At Mercearia Confianca de Troino, teams must choose a sardine can and then finish painting a replica of the design on a local door. Raquel & Cayla ask for a check of their door, but miss one small part and get the thumbs down. Kim & Penn, meanwhile, fail their 2nd attempt.

Raquel & Cayla get the thumbs up and can now drive themselves to Santuario do Cabo Espichel. Raquel is worried because Cayla has lost their map. Kim & Penn get the thumbs up after their 3rd attempt.

Arun & Natalia arrive and get started with the door. They are feeling hopeful as Ryan & Dusty ask for several checks. But the best friends are missing the doorknob.

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

Meanwhile, Kim & Penn arrive at the next Route Marker and learn of the next Road Block. The Virgin Mary was said to have risen out of the ocean on a mule here. And people have come to the Sanctuary of the Lady of the Cape to worship since.

For this Road Block, teams must stand within a designated space and count the columns around the courtyard (106). When they tell the monk the correct answer, they will be pointed to the location of the Pit Stop: Farol do Cabo Espichel. Penn starts the task.

Back at the painting, Ryan & Dusty finally realize their mistake and get the clue after the 10th attempt. Arun & Natalia get it on their first attempt and try to play catch up once again.

Cayla arrives at the Road Block and gets started as Penn has already had several attempts. Cayla gets the correct answer on her first attempt and hurries over to reunite with Raquel. They run to the Pit Stop and officially check in as Team #1. They win a trip to Saint Lucia. Penn gets the answer on his 6th attempt and he and Kim check-in as Team #2.

The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10 The Amazing Race 33 Episode 10

It’s down to Ryan & Dusty and Arun & Natalia for the final spot in the Final Leg. Arun & Natalia are just too far behind. Dusty gets the thumbs up on his third attempt and he and Ryan secure 3rd.

That means Arun & Natalia are last and eliminated. Again.

Episode Thoughts

First off, why tell teams there are two Road Blocks ahead of time? They need to not warn teams about Road Blocks or U-Turns ahead. Like, surprise them! Don’t give them time to think about it. That’s part of the excitement of the Race. Don’t need to make the Race easier for teams.

The first Road Block was okay. It’s partly a luck task. But having only four boats certainly looks to make it harder for the trailing teams.

The painting task was good. It’s an attention to detail kind of task and perfect as an extra task on the Leg.

The second Road Block was a simple task that should be part of a fuller Leg. Not the most exciting task. And it’s a bit scary had this task been on a season like TAR32, you know? lol But it was just an end of Leg task here that didn’t really change the outcome.

Overall, a nice visit to a refreshing location. But a little underwhelming for a penultimate Leg. Fine for this COVID Era I guess.

My Subjective Team Rankings

The Amazing Race 33 Arun & Natalia The Amazing Race 33 Kim & Penn The Amazing Race 33 Ryan & Dusty The Amazing Race 33 Raquel & Cayla

It’s too bad about Arun & Natalia. But navigation really was their kryptonite this season. Still, it was great to see them be the underdogs the entire Race. And great to see them reach the Final Four.

As for the other three teams, I like them as well. If you had to pick the three strongest teams this season, it’ll be Kim & Penn, Raquel & Cayla and Ryan & Dusty. So they are certainly deserving of the Final Three. And it should be exciting to watch them all compete in the Final Leg.

Episode Quotes

Arun: “You got my boat!”

Kim: “We’re gonna lose The Amazing Race because we can’t paint.”

Penn: “I’m a huge fan of maps.”

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