Music Monday, January 24, 2022 (Part 2) – VICTON, LUMINOUS, DRIPPIN, ASTRO’s Jinjin & Rocky

Four charismatic comebacks from VICTON, LUMINOUS, DRIPPIN and ASTRO’s Jinjin and Rocky.

“Chronograph” by VICTON

It’s great to see VICTON come back with a pop-dance track like “Chronograph.” The group has released some great dramatic tracks and last year’s rousing “What I Said.” But it’s been a while since they’ve released a true dance track. And “Chronograph” definitely fits the bill. It sort of harkens back to the group’s earlier days, but still shows off their maturity since then.

“All Eyes Down” by LUMINOUS

Rookies LUMINOUS make their first comeback with a powerful, dramatic title track entitled “All Eyes Down.” The bass-heavy track accentuates the group’s charisma as they sing of a conflicted hope. It’s another very captivating performance from the talented and promising group.

“Villain” by DRIPPIN

Speaking of maturity, DRIPPIN is making big strides. And “Villain” is an awesome track. The groovy electric bass of this dance track offers DRIPPIN the opportunity to show off a different side of themselves from their title tracks so far. Their growth and maturity were evident with their Universe app-exclusive release “Vertigo” (my favorite release from them so far). And “Villain,” as well as the rest of their 3rd mini album of the same name, is a great showcase for that.

“Just Breath” by ASTRO Jinjin & Rocky

ASTRO rappers Jinjin and Rocky step out for their unit debut with the title track “Just Breath.” The funky pop-dance track is bright and fun with witty lyrics that encourage and cheer on listeners through their busy everyday lives. I enjoy the pre-chorus the most and it is always great to hear Rocky get the opportunity to show off his singing as well.

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