Music Monday, January 24, 2022 (Part 1) – Emotional Tracks and Good Vibes from 2Z, A.C.E, MOOK, AB6IX

Emotional tracks and good vibes featuring Behind Cut OST from 2Z, Light on Me OSTs from A.C.E and MOOK and a special track from AB6IX.

“Behind Cut” by 2Z (TuZi)

I know to always expect something great from 2Z. And “Behind Cut” is no different. As much as I enjoy when the band has rocked out with more upbeat tracks, my favorite songs from them have been their more mellow and perhaps more emotional ones such as “All I Need” (my favorite). “Behind Cut” fits into the latter category and it’s a song I immediately love. The song begins with a piano perfectly evoking that mellow feeling before it builds and crescendos into a wonderfully soaring emotional climax.

I’ve had the web series Behind Cut queued up to watch, especially since it stars 2Z member Bum Jun. And this OST of the same name certainly has me even more excited to watch the series.

“Spark” by A.C.E

Speaking of BL drama OSTs, I just finished watching Light on Me and its theme song immediately caught my attention. Little did I know it’s performed by one of my favorite groups which only made me love it even more. I’m sorry I didn’t hear this song sooner because it absolutely would’ve made my list of favorite songs of 2021. Maybe even Top 10, to be honest. The song is that good.
The energetic, yet romantic track captures the show’s feelings so well. But even beyond that, it’s simply just an irresistible song.

“Fever” by MOOK

And I might as well highlight the drama’s other excellent OST, “Fever” by MOOK. Like “Spark,” “Fever” encapsulates the series’ emotions and storyline so well. When the song kicks in at the end of the episode, it just feels right. MOOK’s great vocals match the modern piano and synth-infused melody.

“1, 2, 3” by AB6IX

AB6IX continues the good vibes with a special album Complete With You for the fans. The title track “1, 2, 3” is a cheerful confession with its lyrics including special touches for fans and new listeners alike. The chorus is especially irresistible and the group delivers another bright, fun performance.

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