Music Monday, January 3, 2022 Extra – The Rose, Kim Jae Hwan, BF, Sungmin

Four wonderful tracks for the season and to start the new year from The Rose, Kim Jae Hwan, BF and Sungmin.

“Beauty and the Beast,” The Rose

As great as The Rose’s dips into other flavors of rock have been, it is wonderful to see their first release in two years harken back to their iconic debut “Sorry” which immediately enthralled listeners and fans. “Beauty and the Beast” is an excellent, emotional and moving rock ballad about love in all its forms. With the band back together after their members have completed their military service, “Beauty and the Beast” is the perfect song to announce their comeback, reminding old fans and introducing themselves to potential new fans of how talented they are.

“Unforgettable,” Kim Jae Hwan

Kim Jae Hwan released an amazing album last year in which he was able to show off a different side of himself. And he continues his growth with his first self-produced album The Letter. The title track “Unforgettable” is a wonderful, bittersweet ballad that has Kim Jae Hwan showing off the expressive and passionate vocals that he has been known for since his debut as a solo artist.

“Adonis,” by BF

After reuniting in early 2020 for a special anniversary concert, BF, the artists formerly known as Boyfriend, officially start the next chapter of their careers with the release of the mini-album Adonis. The title track of the same name is a great midtempo pop song that shows the group’s maturity and growth since their last release together in 2018. Each member has embarked on solo projects, but with “Adonis” it’s like they’ve never been apart. Their chemistry and harmony is still very much there and it’s great to see them back releasing new music together.

“Lean on Me,” Sungmin

BIGFLO member Sungmin makes his solo debut with “Lean on Me.” As the group’s lead vocalist, the vocals on this emotional ballad come as no surprise. And it is a great way to showcase his talent as he steps out on his own for the first time.

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