Music Monday Christmas Special – Four Christmas Treats from ONEWE & ONEUS, BF, OnlyOneOf, Kim Woojin

Merry Christmas everyone! Enjoy the day with these great Christmas treats from ONEWE & ONEUS, BF, OnlyOneOf and Kim Woojin!

“Stay” by ONEWE and ONEUS

RBW’s brother bands ONEWE and ONEUS come together for a wonderful nostalgic song “Stay.” I think this might be the first time they’ve released a song together since their pre-debut (or pre-redebut in ONEWE’s case) project. (And the brother groups performed “Stay” on a radio show last year.) But for longtime fans and new fans alike, “Stay” is definitely a great treat as the two bands show off their heartfelt performance both with their vocals and in the heartwarming music video.

“When You Smile” by BF

BF, the group formerly known as Boyfriend, release a special OT6 Christmas song “When You Smile.” A similarly warm song about friends and having each other’s back, it’s been a great treat this year to see the group return with new music and more great performances.

“melting snOwman” by OnlyOneOf

Keeping the warm feelings going is OnlyOneOf with “melting snOwman,” a sweet song about wanting to hold on to the precious memories with that special someone. Many people were introduced to OnlyOneOf this year thanks to their excellent and attention-grabbing “libidO.” But the group gets to show off a different side of them with this special Christmas present.

“Underneath the Tree” by Kim Woojin

Kim Woojin has had a big year as he took a huge step forward into the next chapter of his career. And to cap it off, he delivers a bright cover of Kelly Clarkson’s “Underneath the Tree,” one of the few modern Christmas classics.

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