Music Monday, December 20, 2021 Special – VOISPER: Appreciating One of the Very Best Vocal Groups


When it comes to groups with the best vocals in Korean music, one group that should always be in the conversation is VOISPER. As high school friends, they formed the group North Incheon Nineteen and competed on Mnet’s Superstar K. After the show, they signed with Evermore Music and took on the name VOISPER as they made their debut.

The talented quartet has regularly showcased their talent over the last six years. But earlier this month, they and Evermore Music announced that they would be disbanding after the release of their last album The Finale.

Over the years, I’ve always been happy to see and hear new music from them. Their diverse discography features many different styles of music. From emotional ballads to midtempo R&B songs to even upbeat dance tracks as well. And with every release, their talent is always evident. Between their powerful, passionate vocals and their silky smooth harmonies, it’s always a treat to get to enjoy a performance from VOISPER.

So first seeing the title of their latest album, I was taken aback a little. The Finale? That certainly worried me a bit and sure enough, I stumbled upon the news that they’d be disbanding.

It’s very sad news. Though for their fans and anyone who’s enjoyed them over the years, there’s comfort in the fact that they were friends before they embarked on their music careers and will be friends even after. And obviously not only that, but the fact that their wonderful music lives on.

If you aren’t familiar with VOISPER, a great place to start is their appearances on Arirang’s Pops in Seoul:

And though they might not have become one of the most popular artists in the business, they were still well-known and appreciated as evidenced by their acclaimed (and winning!) appearances on KBS’s Immortal Songs:

Listening to their discography from start to The Finale will certainly be a fulfilling experience.

And a particular highlight would be what would end up being their only full-length album Wishes. It might actually be one of my favorites from a Korean artist. Every single track on the album is beautiful. Most especially its lead single “Goodbye to Goodbye,” which might be my absolute favorite track from them. I think this soaring ballad really best exemplifies and showcases the group’s amazing talent.

The vocals, the harmonies, the power. Simply stunning, just look at this live performance:

The album also allowed the group to show off their versatility. Best known as a ballad vocal group, the album had them singing on more up-tempo tracks as well. And the result was of course never in doubt.

Here’s a handy playlist of their singles to get started with their discography:

And course, the B-side tracks are more than worthy of listens too.

But as the four members embark on the next chapter of their careers, I just wanted to post this as a way to thank them and congratulate them on six wonderful years of excellent performances and amazing music. As well as wish them the very best.

Thank you VOISPER!

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