Recap & Review: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Special Chapter – Memory of Soulmates

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Koh recalls the day after they were able to help Nada free himself from Gaisorg’s darkness and be able to join their team.

Nada meets with Bamba in the hopes of meeting Dimevolcano. Bamba calls him over and Dimevolcano tells Nada his riddle. A thief has robbed you of all your wealth. What should you do?

Nada asks why not capture the thief and just take the wealth back. Dimevolcano thinks that’s a boring answer and breathes fire on him.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Meanwhile, Maiko, a young woman hoping to be able to change, gets captured by Wiserue and is forced to swallow Kureon’s slime. She stumbles away and runs into Canalo to whom she asks for some water. Canalo, already falling in love of course, promises to get her the sweetest water.

As Canalo leaves, Kureon recaptures Maiko.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Nearby, Asuna and Towa are enjoying some treats when Asuna notices Melto deep in thought. He says he’s just been thinking of a new formation that could include Nada.

Just then, they encounter Koh suddenly being attacked by seemingly possessed humans. They wonder if this is the work of the Minusaur that was spreading hatred. They obviously can’t kill these humans, but Towa tries to simply incapacitate them for now.

Maiko appears and she is much more powerful than the first three. She knocks Towa into a table. And when Maiko repeats that she can’t change, they realize she must be the Minusaur.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Melto tries to Ryusoul Change, but he is unable to. This must be the Minusaur’s power. Canalo comes running in and begs them not to attack her. He introduces her as his potential fiancé. But Maiko kicks him into a table as well before she leaves.

Elsewhere, Bamba is with Nada who is using the Gaisoul to absorb hatred within humans. Nada says Gaisorg was filled with years of hatred, but is empty now that Nada was freed from it.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

The others call to tell them about what’s happening and they hurry over with Gaisoul which is perfect for the job. Along the way, they suck out the hatred from people they encounter. Bamba realizes what was able to power Gaisorg all this time.

Nada says Gaisorg is powerless now and finally understands what Dimevolcano was trying to say earlier. But it’s no matter. Nada says he will build Gaisorg’s power back up from scratch.

Bamba says Nada is very optimistic. After everything he’s been through, including overcoming death, Nada is resolved to train and take back the power. That’s what he realized by watching the Ryusoulgers.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Canalo is worried about Maiko possibly suffering as a birther. Though they are not sure what to do since they can’t henshin, they first use Kike Soul to track down where the Minusaur is.

Bamba and Nada arrive as the others watch Wiserue, Kureon and the Minusaur from around the corner. Bamba and Nada tell them Nada was able to save people from the darkness by using Gaisoul.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Koh, Asuna, Melto and Canalo step forward to confront the Druidons. They take Wiserue on to distract him as the others grab the Minusaur to give Nada enough time to suck the minus emotions out.

The Minusaur disappears when Nada uses Gaisoul.

Koh henshins and battles Wiserue until he drives him away.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

The Ryusoulgers ask Nada if he’s okay. He falls to his knees, saying he was almost consumed by darkness again. But actually, he’s just kidding and says he’s fine.

Meanwhile, Canalo saves Maiko from Kureon. He gives her a drink of Mt. Fuji water and she feels much better now. Canalo is about to shoot his shot, but Maiko shuts him down.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Canalo returns to the others to say Maiko wanted to change her family’s ping pong parlor into a café. So she gave him coupons for 10 free players as a going away special for the parlor that is going out of business.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

They’re all in on a ping pong afternoon and are looking forward to playing games. Koh says they should have Ui and Papa Naohisa join them as well. But Melto warns against letting Tyramigo know, otherwise he’d eat all the balls.

Nada watches as the others excitedly walk to the parlor before he joins them. He says to himself that he better not lose then.

Koh, having been telling this story, says Bamba told him about what happened on this day later on. And he happily looks back at these treasured moments with his friends.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Memory of Soulmates Recap Review

Movie Thoughts

First off, may the soul of Mana Kinjo rest in peace.

I had to refresh my memory of Episodes 32 and 33 before watching what is essentially a short film/mini-sode bridging those two. And turns out those episodes were two of the best episodes of the season. Actually, two of the best episodes of Sentai in a while.

Though I’m definitely far removed from the overwhelming emotions of those episodes from when they first aired, I definitely understand how this special added a little bit more to what was already an excellent, emotional story.

I wonder how great it would be to watch a sort of Director’s Cut version that stitches together Episodes 32, 33 and this special.

Essentially, this special was a nice little treat for fans to go back and enjoy post-season. But with regards to the narrative, it added a couple more character moments for Nada. Especially as it added more to support his bittersweet sacrifice. Was it necessary? Not really since the series already did an excellent job laying everything out in a fully affecting way.

Is it welcome? Absolutely! It was a wonderful little special that depicted what Ryusoulger did the best. And that was the idea of not being afraid to reach out to friends and family to help you counter the darkness of the world around you.

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