Music Monday, September 6, 2021 (Part 2) – Young K, Lee Eun Sang, Melotic and Kim Daegeon, Jvde Milez

A diverse mix of new music from four talented soloists: Young K, Lee Eun Sang, Melotic and Kim Daegeon, Jvde Milez.

“Guard You” by Young K

Brian Kang aka Kang Younghyun aka Young K makes his solo debut with the album Eternal ahead of his military enlistment next month. Title track “Guard You” is a perfect example of Young K’s musical sensibilities and immense talent. Having written and composed songs for DAY6 as well as other artists, Young K has proven his talent both in the studio and behind the mic.

“Guard You” is a soaring rock anthem where Young K declares he will do all he can to protect the one he loves. An energetic and powerful performance. The rest of the album is great. But my favorite song might be the ethereal ballad “Want to Love You.” Immediately one of my favorites of the year.

“Lemonade” by Lee Eun Sang

Lee Eun Sang makes his long-awaited comeback with this wonderful late summer vibe of a song in “Lemonade.” Having participated in creating the song, Lee Eun Sang offers up a fun pop-dance track that is perfect for the last days of the season. A different style and sound from his debut, but equally great.

“Lullaby” by Melotic, Kim Daegeon

F.CUZ member Kim Daegeon collaborates with producers Melotic for this dreamy song aptly titled “Lullaby.” Daegeon’s soft vocals express the lyrics wanting to meet one’s love in their peaceful dreams. A wonderful track.

“The Light” by Jvde Milez

Former BIGSTAR members are doing very well with their solo careers. Jvde Milez, born Kim Dong Hyun and known as Jude during his BIGSTAR days, released “The Light” a few weeks ago. And it is a confident and sultry song. For a late-night mood with your significant other, “The Light” will be a perfect track. Though that’s certainly not a prerequisite to enjoy this great track.

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