Music Monday, September 6, 2021 – Positive Vibes with A.C.E, ONEUS, W.A.O

It’s a week of positive vibes with new tracks from A.C.E, ONEUS and W.A.O.

“Changer” by A.C.E

Dark A.C.E is great, but Bright A.C.E is my jam. I immediately loved “Changer” from their 2nd repackaged album Changer : Dear Eris. In what might be their last release as a full group for a while (some of the members will be enlisting soon), “Changer” is an irresistible love letter of a song. In general, a love letter of encouragement and appreciation for a special someone. More specific, the song serves as a love letter for their fans, repaying the support the fans have given them over the years as well. “Changer” will definitely be on my favorites list at the end of the year.

“Life is Beautiful” by ONEUS

Dark ONEUS is great, but Bright ONEUS is my jam too! It’s all good vibes this week I guess as “Life is Beautiful” just puts a smile on your face. With a message of seizing the day and Carpe Diem, the music video draws inspiration from the classic film Dead Poets Society as well. ONEUS definitely gets the message across with their bright performance and an especially amazing pre-chorus melody.

“OMW (On My Way)” by W.A.O

“Dizzy” by W.A.O

Rookie group W.A.O return for their first comeback with a pair of great title tracks. “OMW (On My Way)” is a fun dance-pop track that has the group confessing their feelings. “Dizzy,” meanwhile, is an equally fun and funky track about the dizzying feelings when one is in love. Catchy and bright, I like it a little bit more. But both title tracks, as well as the other two tracks on the album, give the group the opportunity to show off their great potential. A strong comeback for them.

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