Music Monday, August 23, 2021 (Part 2) – Park Won, DUEL, MOVNING, Thunder feat. Yoon Seo Bin

Get into your feels this week with four mellow, emotional tracks from Park Won, DUEL, MOVNING and Thunder featuring Yoon Seo Bin.

“Fuxxxxx Crazy” by Park Won

Singer-songwriter Park Won releases the beautiful acoustic love song “Fuxxxxx Crazy.” The indie artist’s vocals just glide across the emotional and romantic track. And the music video featuring actors Lee Ki Hyun and Lee Se Jin is an unexpected, but welcome and meaningful depiction of the song’s heartfelt lyrics.

“Good Night” by DUEL

YouTube recommendations come through, as always, as I discover indie artist DUEL. The dreamlike “Good Night” is a wonderful match for DUEL’s soothing vocals and I’m definitely going to keep an eye out for him.

“The Reason We Need Pain” by MOVNING

MOVNING comes through with another great song “The Reason We Need Pain.” The emotional track tells the story of the struggle to get back up after stumbling, yet that experience being important as one moves forward. I’m so happy to have discovered MOVNING earlier this year and every song they’ve released always contains a passionate performance from the trio.

“5 Seconds Before the Explosion” by Thunder feat. Yoon Seo Bin

Thunder makes his long-awaited comeback with “5 Seconds Before the Explosion,” a mellow R&B track featuring Yoon Seo Bin. The dreamy song of longing is co-written by Thunder and Yoon Seo Bin and it definitely sets these late summer vibes.

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