Music Monday, August 23, 2021 – HALF (KNK’s Kim Jihun), CRAVITY, NOA, LUCY

A solo debut and a trio of comebacks for a diverse, but equally great quartet of tracks from HALF (KNK’s Kim Jihun) featuring YunGGI, CRAVITY, NOA featuring AB6IX’s Jeon Woong and LUCY.

“Behind U” by HALF feat. YunGGI

KNK is one of my favorite groups. And member Kim Jihun makes his solo debut as HALF with the single “Behind U.” Accompanied by rapper-songwriter YunGGI, HALF presents a soulful R&B track about unrequited love and hiding one’s feelings for a friend you are resigned to remain close to and supportive of. Anyone who has followed KNK (which I very much suggest you do 😊) knows of Jihun’s wonderfully soft vocals. And it suits the vibe of the song, especially paired with YunGGI’s impactful rap. A great, great song!

“Gas Pedal” by CRAVITY

I was initially feeling a bit tepid with CRAVITY’s comeback earlier this year. I thought it was interesting after first listen, but I grew to like it after a couple more listens. The chorus for “My Turn” was definitely catchy and I quite enjoy it now. Randomly singing it from time to time! They go for a similar vibe with their latest “Gas Pedal.” The powerful track is complimented by an Akira-inspired music video which is immediately likeable for a fan of the manga and film like myself. The group and the song easily fit in with cyberpunk theme and it’s the kind of hip-hop-infused dance-pop track that could easily serve as a rallying cry for youth trying to navigate the streets of Neo Seoul.

“Let Go” by NOA feat. Jeon Woong (AB6IX)

I first discovered Japanese singer-songwriter NOA earlier this year with his great mini album Too Young. He’s back with his latest track “Let Go” featuring AB6IX’s Jeon Woong. Their vocals blend beautifully in this pop-R&B dance track. The romantic and laid-back song is perfect for these final weeks of summer.

“Irrelevant Answer” by LUCY

LUCY returns with the rousing “Irrelevant Answer,” a fun and energetic love confession. The young band grows more confident with each comeback. And “Irrelevant Answer” is another great track from them.

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