Music Monday, August 2, 2021 – Golden Child, JO1, PL, ASTRO

Enjoy some great tracks from Golden Child, JO1, PL and ASTRO.

“Ra Pam Pam” by Golden Child

What in the Kamen Rider plotline is this MV?! Seriously though, Golden Child is back with another epic, apocalyptic music video paired with a catchy Latin-infused dance track. After “Burn It” at the beginning of the year, Golden Child seems to have found a fun combo for their 2021 releases. “Ra Pam Pam” is the title track of their 2nd full-length album which I am definitely looking forward to check out.

“Real” and “Freedom” by JO1

JO1 has been unstoppable since their debut. And ahead of their next single “Stranger,” the group has released the title track “Real”. The pop dance track is very much in JO1’s sound that they’ve established for themselves. The kind of catchy, irresistible song that they are able to pair with a charismatic performance.

JO1 released a performance video for the B-side track “Freedom” earlier in July and it’s an equally irresistible R&B-infused dance track. If I were to pick one of the two, even though both are great, I’d choose “Freedom.” Looking forward to the other songs on the single.

“Inner Child” by PL

I’m very happy to have learned about singer PL this week with the release of his latest track “Inner Child.” A beautiful voice bringing to life a beautiful, emotional song. The guitar that takes over during the verses paired with PL’s voice is mesmerizing. And the chorus when the bass and later drums kick in just complete the experience. Such a pleasant discovery and will definitely be looking out for more from PL.

“After Midnight” by ASTRO

ASTRO returns with a happy dance party in “After Midnight.” With encouraging lyrics, the song is a fun, energetic track that is much more who ASTRO has established themselves to be than what they released earlier this year, to be honest. I wasn’t a fan of that one. But I like this one much more.

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