The Amazing Race Philippines: DryedMangoez Edition Season 21 Race Tracker – Leg 6A

Leg 6

Kota Kinabalu to Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur Tower (Kuala Lumpur)
St. John’s International School (Kuala Lumpur)
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Muscat, Oman
Mutrah Fort (Muscat)
Jebel Shams
Bahla Fort (Bahla)
Campsite (Near Nizwa)

The 6th Leg begins with teams flying to Kuala Lumpur. The sepak takraw proved difficult for a couple of teams. Jervi & Luke, after five attempts, were only able to have a rally of two kicks. They were given a Self Yield which they need to serve before the end of this Leg. Marco & Michelle, after three attempts, were able to rally eight times, winning themselves an Express Pass.

Once in Oman, the biggest challenge for teams was finding their way. The self-driving tripped teams up as they needed to navigate themselves across relatively long distances.

The Race’s strongest alliance Carmina & Cassy and Janice & Inah decided to stick together to find their way around and were able to arrive at Bahla Fort first. But luck wasn’t on their side as Benjie & Kobe and Marco & Michele, who arrived 4th and 5th, ended up departing first and second.

Already having trouble driving on their own, using coordinates and Google Maps on their Samsung Galaxy S20s confused some teams even more.

Marco & Michele, seeing the Mat was ahead, were afraid their Express Pass would go unused. But of course, this was only the midpoint of a SuperLeg. Jervi & Luke were similarly worried as they had not yet Self Yielded and feared they were close to last place.

But Vicki & Hayden were the ones who felt something was wrong. When they stop and ask for directions, they are told they have been going in the wrong direction and are two hours away.


(in order of completion)
Benjie & Kobe 3 5
Marco & Michele 3 8
Carmina & Cassy 2 3
Janice & Inah 4 3
Troy & KC 2 7
Gee & Archie 6 5
Jervi & Luke 5 2
Vicki & Hayden 4 3
ROAD BLOCK: Who can get their sheath together?
Benjie 3 – 3 Kobe
Marco 3 – 3 Michele
Janice 3 – 3 Inah
Carmina 3 –*– 3 Cassy
Jervi 4 –*– 2 Luke
Troy 3 –*– 3 KC
Vicki 2 –*– 4 Hayden
Gee 2 –*– 4 Archie
Alex 3 – 2 Raffy
Heart 3 – 1 Rey
Ruffa 0 –*– 1 Annabelle
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Red teammate indicates who completed Road Block after an Interchange is used
*– indicates team has used an Interchange during the Race.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Check-in at Pit Stop
Somewhere near Nizwa
Benjie & Kobe – 5:22pm
Marco & Michele – 5:25pm
Carmina & Cassy – 5:47pm
Janice & Inah – 5:48pm
Troy & KC – 5:59pm
Gee & Archie – 6:15pm
Jervi & Luke – 6:22pm
Vicki & Hayden – 7:59pm

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