Recap and Review: Penthouse Season 3, Episode 8 – “I see you want to crack my head open.”

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Logan finally wakes up and asks Yoon Cheol to bring Su Ryeon to him. Logan says he is sure Dan Tae did this to him and that he needs to get out of here as soon as possible as well as contact his brother Alex.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Seo Jin arrives, but Yoon Cheol tries to downplay Logan’s condition and says he might not make it through the night. Seo Jin decides it’s time to make her move then.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Back at Hera, Rona mourns her mother and hopes she is happy and doing well wherever she is.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

A frantic Su Ryeon storms into Seok Hoon’s room to drop the bomb that Seok Kyung is not his biological sister, but actually Seol Ah’s surviving twin. Seok Hoon shows Su Ryeon photos of Seok Kyung supposedly sent from Italy. But they’re obviously photoshopped. They now both worry for her safety.

Confirming Seok Kyung never even left the country, Su Ryeon wants to confront Dan Tae. But Seok Hoon warns against it and says he will find Seok Kyung himself.

A little bit after getting a beatdown from her roommates, Seok Kyung tries to open the door. One of the other detainees wakes up and tells her that the door can only be opened from the outside. Though Seok Kyung believes her mother will save her, the other girl says no one is coming. This is a place where parents dump the children they no longer want.

The rest of the room wakes up, but Seok Kyung does not care. She bangs on the door as she realizes her situation.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Next morning, Dong Pil summons Min Hyuk who he has forced to give him updates on Jenny. Dong Pil forces Min Hyuk give Jenny some brand new expensive shoes to use for the audition and says he’s deadmeat if Jenny does not wear them.

Min Hyuk knows Jenny isn’t going to accept the shoes if she thinks they’re from him. But he has no choice. He at least gets Jenny to wear the shoes and he quickly takes a proof photo to send to Dong Pil. But Jenny sees and realizes what has been going on.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Jenny goes to confront her father and sees him being treated like garbage by Dan Tae. After Dan Tae leaves, Jenny throws the shoes back at Dong Pil saying she has no use for things bought using dirty money. And more importantly, she has no use for Dong Pil either.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Seok Hoon goes in for his first day of work as the devil’s son, secretly hoping to find a way to save his sister. Dan Tae is curious about Seok Hoon’s sudden change of heart. But Seok Hoon says he just wants to protect what’s his. Dan Tae laughs and says that’s more like it. They hug to seal the deal.

Seok Hoon confirms that Secretary Jo is replying to messages as Seok Kyung. Before leaving for some meetings, Seok Hoon gets Secretary Jo to leave the car so he can search the navigation history. But it’s cleared. He instead takes the dashcam memory card and calls Su Ryeon with the update.

Su Ryeon is at a private investigator hoping to get their help in searching for Su Ryeon. The PI, meanwhile, tells Su Ryeon the results of the test on the pill Rona picked up from Ms. Jin. The pill is to erase someone’s memories after trauma, but the severe side effects can cause early on-set dementia.

Su Ryeon is called to an emergency board meeting at Cheong A. The board is taking issue with Su Ryeon having worked for a bar (though this is part of Dan Tae and Seo Jin’s plan to oust her).

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Over at the Arts Center, Eun Byeol can’t believe Rona would have the gall to show up to the auditions. Rona says she has nothing to lose. Eun Byeol says Rona has zero chance anyway. But Rona believes that all the attention this audition is getting in the media doesn’t ensure the result Eun Byeol might be expecting.

Eun Byeol mocks Yoon Hee. Rona says she will clear her mother’s name and become more successful than Eun Byeol which will make her so crazy that she’ll want to die.

Seo Jin arrives and Rona does not back down. Jenny and Min Hyuk laugh as Rona mocks Seo Jin for possibly giving Eun Byeol some kind of unfair advantage again today.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

The audition begins and Seo Jin explains that it will resemble an opera where they all sing a chorus with a spotlight shining on one or several auditionees in which they must sing properly.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review
Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Everything is going well until Seo Jin and Eun Byeol are taken by surprise when the key goes up unexpectedly.

During deliberations, Seo Jin contests that it was against the rules for the orchestra to raise the key when arias are supposed to be sung in their original key. Thus, this audition is invalid. But Clark Lee says this proves even more who is able to handle unexpected events on stage.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

In the waiting room, Eun Byeol confronts Rona and accuses her of cheating by bribing the accompanist. “So what if I did?” Rona says. Jenny, Min Hyuk and the rest of the auditionees have Rona’s back and call Eun Byeol out for her long time cheating.

Eun Hoo comes to Eun Byeol’s defense and says Min Hyuk is embarrassing Seoul National University. But Min Hyuk points out SNU is full of shortcuts. Just like this audition. Jenny plays a recording of Eun Byeol warming up to the aria that was supposedly randomly chosen earlier.

They knew Eun Byeol got the heads up from mommy.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

With really no way out of it, Seo Jin cringes as she awards Rona with the Cheong A residency. Rona opens her arms for a hug, much to Seo Jin’s horror. But Rona mocks her and says she should smile for the cameras.

Later, Seo Jin is shocked to see Su Ryeon thanking Clark Lee for coming to Korea after she invited him. Seo Jin confronts Su Ryeon at Jakomo and they both snap at each other for their sneaky moves. They grab each other’s necks and Seo Jin vows to make Su Ryeon pay.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Su Ryeon heads back to Hera to celebrate with Rona, Jenny and Ma Ri. Min Hyuk and Sang Ah arrive, though Ma Ri says they weren’t invited.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Min Hyuk gives Jenny a bouquet of flowers and says she was just as good as Eun Byeol. Jenny tosses the flowers aside.

Away from the others, Su Ryeon tells Rona about the pill Ms. Jin gives to Eun Byeol. Rona texts Eun Byeol to meet her in the community room.

Rona tries to explain that the pill is bad for her, but Eun Byeol refuses to believe it.

Meanwhile, Ma Ri shows Sang Ah video of Kyu Jin getting naked with random ladies at the private bar. Sang Ah can’t believe her husband would act that way.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Over at the orphanage/detention center, Seok Kyung remains defiant against the other girls. And during lunch, she goes crazy and purposely slams her head into a mirror. When she is taken outside of the dining hall, she tries to escape and fights off the facility’s staff. But Dan Tae appears above her

After placing a tracking device on Dan Tae’s car, Seok Hoon gives Su Ryeon the location and she tells him to let her handle this as she and her men proceed to the retreat center.

Dan Tae locks Seok Kyung in a strange room full of bloody religious articles. He drops the bomb that she is Seol Ah’s twin sister and explains that he only used her to torture Su Ryeon. Dan Tae says that if he knew Seok Kyung would grow up to be such an idiot, he would’ve chosen Seol Ah instead.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Dan Tae gives Seok Kyung one last chance to be useful to him. He calls Su Ryeon and demands she make Dohae Construction back out of the development deal or Seok Kyung dies.

Dan Tae tells Seok Kyung to convince her mother to do what he says. But Seok Kyung tells her not to do anything if it’s just for her. She grabs Dan Tae’s tie and slams his head against the bars.

After he leaves, Seok Kyung tries to process the idea that she is Su Ryeon’s daughter and Seol Ah’s twin sister. She remembers all the painful moments of the past, including the pain she inflicted on her supposed sister.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Seok Kyung refuses to believe it. She throws a chair through the window and jumps out.

Su Ryeon and her men storm the center and confront Dan Tae. She smashes a rock on Dan Tae’s hand and the two factions battle in the woods.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Su Ryeon runs to the center and finds the creepy room, but no Seok Kyung. Instead, Seok Kyung has left a message for her: “Mom, don’t look for me anymore. I won’t let Dad catch me.”

Su Ryeon calls Seok Hoon and he hurries over. But he just misses Seok Kyung who is hiding in the forest in disguise, vowing to make things right.

Elsewhere, Jun Ki is at a gambling den and is surprised when Alex pops up. Jun Ki later goes to Seo Jin to tell her about the visit. He demands she hand Logan over to the Lees so he can get the money he needs.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Seo Jin hands over a photo of Logan and says to tell James Lee that Dan Tae has had Logan all along. She promises Jun Ki half of the reward money.

That night, Seo Jin visits Logan and injects something into his IV, saying he’ll be very comfortable in 24 hours.

Next day, Seo Jin meets with Dan Tae and says to leave Su Ryeon to her this time. If he does, she can make sure the evidence of Dan Tae’s involvement in Logan’s death will be destroyed forever.

Meanwhile, Sang Ah ignores Kyu Jin at breakfast and says he can prepare his own meals from now on.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Elsewhere, Eun Byeol meets with her father who confronts her about the magic pill. He asks her to remember what happened when Yoon Hee died and says they need to let the truth come out. He promises to protect her.

Eun Byeol isn’t so keen to the idea. “I see you want to crack my head open for Bae Rona. Forget it.”

Jun Ki brings the photos of Logan to the Lee family and says Dan Tae has been torturing him.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

The Lees quickly have Dan Tae captured and tied up. Dan Tae of course has no idea where Logan is. But they show him the photos and they all see that Logan is being held in the penthouse. Dan Tae insists that and they soon begin to suspect Su Ryeon.

Seo Jin is at Cheong Ah and smashes Su Ryeon’s director’s photo.

Su Ryeon is in Seok Kyung’s room when the housekeeper asks her to come with as a strange smell is coming from the secret hallway. Su Ryeon is shocked as she’s never been here before. But she enters the room to find an entire set-up of medical equipment.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

The Lee Family storm in with an “Aha!” and claim Su Ryeon has been behind this all along. Dan Tae piles on. But Logan suddenly flatlines. Grandma Lee has her men drag Su Ryeon away and orders them to kill anyone who made Logan this way.

Mama and Papa Lee cry over their now double dead son as Jun Ki and Yoon Chul are also dragged away by the henchmen.

Dan Tae and Seo Jin celebrate in the penthouse. He asks her why she hated Su Ryeon so much. Seo Jin says it’s because Su Ryeon was the only one that made her “care.”

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Seo Jin remembers all the times Su Ryeon was annoying like making better pecan pie and Yoon Chul thinking Su Ryeon is better wifey material. Su Ryeon made Seo Jin covet all she had.

Su Ryeon is tossed into a fancy guesthouse.

“I was in love with Logan.”

Suddenly, a man comes rolling through the doors in a wheelchair.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

It’s Logan! He gets up, walks toward Su Ryeon and they kiss.

Penthouse Season 3 Episode 8 Recap and Review

Episode Thoughts

Okay! So this was definitely a much better episode than the last one. And to be honest, going into this episode, I was actually feeling relieved that the show took a break last week for the Olympics. It was a quite enjoyable breather from the madness that is Penthouse Season 3 lol

But seriously, this was a pretty good episode to come back with. There were a lot of good, satisfying moments. Some sincerely fun, exciting moments in this episode. Something that can’t be said for a few of the recent episodes.

First of all, as soon as Su Ryeon said “I was in love with Logan” at the end, I knew he was going to somehow appear before her. I mean, the Lee Family goons bringing Su Ryeon into a pretty nice guesthouse instead of some cold, dark cell should’ve been a big clue.

But regardless, that moment was pretty great. They built up to that moment very well and seeing Logan and Su Ryeon have a reunion like that was legitimately exciting. It was nice. I did get chills. Probably one of the best, most satisfying moments of season 3 so far. For all the nonsense, it worked.

Looking back, the Lee Family probably knew what was going on. And it probably started with Yoon Chul calling Alex who then approached Jun Ki. And they all were in on the charade to trick Dan Tae. (Not knowing Seo Jin was the real mastermind still.)

With Seok Kyung, I’m half and half. I feel like they could’ve had a much bigger moment when the truth is revealed to her. But at the same time, I think they did a solid job with that whole situation. From Seok Kyung rampaging to Dan Tae imprisoning her in that creepy room to Seok Hoon and Su Ryeon working to find her to Su Ryeon smashing Dan Tae’s hand to Seok Kyung going on the run.

It was all reasonably exciting. Still a bit hard to sympathize with Seok Kyung. They could’ve drove home the point about Seok Kyung being a total jerk to her real mother and almost getting her twin sister killed, twice. We want to see Seok Kyung suffering with guilt and realizing her mistakes. Hopefully they’ll do that next week.

The last big story of the week was about the Cheong A auditions and Rona’s continued fierce attitude. She is truly stepping into her mother’s shoes and not giving a damn about getting in Eun Byeol and Seo Jin’s faces. All the audition scenes were great. And it was fun seeing Jenny and Min Hyuk as Rona’s sidekicks/minions. More of that please!

Plus the Jenny-Min Hyuk ship starting to sail. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of it.

With Eun Byeol, we are supposed to feel sympathy for her because she *might* have dementia? Let’s remember that she was a horrible person before sh-t went down. So none of this absolves her even though they’re trying to do it. We’ll see.

Overall, a much better episode than the last one. And maybe one of the better episodes of the season so far.

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