Music Monday, June 28, 2021 (Extra) – Break free with tracks from A.C.E, Woosung, Jeongmin and Sam Kim

Break free with these four tracks from A.C.E, Woosung, Jeongmin and Sam Kim

“Higher” by A.C.E

Charisma is something A.C.E has shown ever since their debut. With every track, the group effortlessly puts on a show-stopping performance. And that’s definitely the case with their latest title track “Higher.” With a dramatic, epic music video to accompany it, “Higher” is a soaring track about continuing to reach for that something despite the difficulties. The track and performance have a grand feel, something A.C.E is no stranger to. And they hit it out of the park once again.

The rest of the album is just as good. But my favorite track is definitely “Story.”

“Lazy” by Woosung (feat. Reddy)

The Rose leader Woosung makes his solo comeback with this vibe of a song. Woosung sings of that feeling where you just want to be “Lazy” from time to time. In the midst of work and responsibilities, it’s okay to just lay back and perhaps vibe to a song like “Lazy” by Woosung. The mellow, easy-going melody is a perfect fit for what should be a great summer staple on the playlist.

“Africa” by Jeongmin

A similar feeling can be felt with Jeongmin’s “Africa.” After a pair of more emotional, rock-infused tracks earlier this year, Jeongmin releases this summer track about just leaving all the worries and troubles behind and taking those steps forward to break free. A fun and funky track that lets Jeongmin show off his talent and versatility.

“The Juice” by Sam Kim

Sam Kim is finally back with some new music and it’s also a funky and hip track. “The Juice” has Sam conflicted as he wants to get away, yet gets pulled back as well. The trippy music video is a perfect illustration of the song’s feelings and Sam’s smooth vocals bring it all home.

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