Music Monday, June 28, 2021 – It’s the Hottest Time of the Day Once Again, Welcome Back 2PM!

They’re finally back! After a four and a half year hiatus during which the members all completed their mandatory military service, 2PM is back as a full group and releasing their seventh studio album Must.

2PM will always be one of my absolute favorite Korean artists. When I was just first getting into K-pop back in 2009, 2PM was one of the first groups I listened to and became a fan of.

(It also helped that two of the members spoke perfect English. A sort of superficial prerequisite for me at the time to decide which groups to listen to. 😊)

But they, along with 2AM and the Wonder Girls, are really the reasons I consider myself a JYP Nation fanboy over any other company. Even to this day. But even more so, they are the reasons that I’m a fan of K-pop today.

I still remember that time. 2PM was just about to release 01:59PM and the iconic track “Heartbeat.” I think their styling for “Heartbeat” is one reason I wanted to grow out my hair and tie it up in a short pony/pigtail like Taecyeon’s hair for example.

Or me just wishing I was as “beastly” as them, to be honest. Their image was (and is!) #goals.

This was also back at a time when K-pop wasn’t necessarily a big thing here in America. But I distinctly remember one moment where a California-produced show on The Filipino Channel had a guest randomly start singing “Heartbeat,” complete with dance moves, while cooking a Filipino dish for a segment. It was at that moment that I felt like “Wow, K-pop is really starting to grow its audience.”

And I was part of that growing audience. 2PM is really one of the Korean artists that grabbed my hand and threw me headfirst into the Korean wave. Because of that, 2PM will always hold a special place in my heart as one of my favorites. And for that I am thankful.

I’ll admit, I kind of cringe at some comments recently of younger and not-so young K-pop fans surprised at the fact that, for example, “that guy from Vincenzo was in a K-pop group?!” Or people having never heard or seen “My House” and its choreography before it went viral on TikTok.

For 2PM fans and Hottests out there, are we really that old?! lol

Nah, there’s no age limit of course. And it’s definitely good news that the group can still attract new fans more than 12 years after their debut.

But anyway, it’s definitely a happy day to see the group back together and releasing new music.

“Make It” by 2PM

The comeback track “Make It” is definitely a song that picks up right where 2PM left off in 2016 with “Promise (I’ll Be).” Actually, the song shares a similar vibe and melody with “My House.” This more mature, yet still playful vibe certainly suits the group’s age and this point in their careers. There’s no question the guys have still got it. And “Make It” is a perfect reminder of what has made them so successful these last 10+ years.

My favorite track from the album aside from “Make It” might be “Moon & Back” while “OK or Not” and “On My Way” are my other standouts.

The rest of the album is just as great with its laid back, mellow R&B vibe. Almost like a throwback of sorts that again, picks up where 2PM left off.

2PM will always be one of my ultimates. One of the originals that helped get me swept up into the Korean wave. It’s a little hard to believe it’s been 12(!) years since that moment for me. But it’s been a great 12 years thanks in part to these six talented, charismatic guys.

(2PM, how you be you, po? 😊)

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