Music Monday, May 17, 2021 – ONEUS, BLITZERS, JAY B, CNBLUE

Nice comebacks and nice debuts. Enjoy new tracks from ONEUS, BLITZERS, JAY B and CNBLUE.

“Black Mirror” by ONEUS

ONEUS released their first full album in January and their title track was definitely not one of my favorites. But they’re back with a new mini album and title track “Black Mirror” is more my speed. The funky track is definitely a very different sound and style from the group’s “No Diggity” a few months ago. But the group has already shown their versatility since their 2019 debut. And “Black Mirror” is another opportunity to do so. The Michael Jackson-inspired performance and catchy beat are immediately appealing and a fun turn for the group after a few more dramatic title tracks recently.

“Breathe Again” by BLITZERS

BLITZERS make a powerful debut with “Breathe Again.” The rock-infused dance track is definitely an attention-grabbing and catchy debut. The lyrics speak of letting go of your worries and it matches with the group’s youthful charisma. An exciting start to their very promising careers.

“Switch It Up” by JAY B featuring sokodomo

JAY B marks the start of a new beginning in his career with the sensual and seductive “Switch It Up.” If you’ve heard JAY B’s original music, especially under his “Defsoul” pseudonym, the track is definitely a familiar and welcome vibe. For new listeners, it is a great introduction to JAY B as he embarks on a solo career. He’s always been one of my favorite artists and I’m definitely looking forward to what’s ahead

“Zoom” by CNBLUE

CNBLUE made their big comeback last November with the excellent “Then, Now and Forever.” Their newest “Zoom” is the title track from the band’s upcoming Japanese release and it is quintessential CNBLUE. A funky and hopeful track, the band does what it does best. And it is definitely great to see more fresh music from them.

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