Music Monday, April 12, 2021 Extra – SIGNAL, BAE173, Jaejun featuring Aiden, Henry Lau

Take a moment for some healing and encouragement with these tracks from SIGNAL, BAE173, Jaejun featuring Aiden and Henry Lau.

“GoodBye” by SIGNAL

It’s been more than a year since SIGNAL first debuted in 2019. But they are finally back with some new music. Their latest release “GoodBye” is absolutely amazing. A dramatic, emotional ballad. Excellent vocals and a haunting melody of mellow verses and powerful chorus. Hopefully it won’t be another long wait for more great music from them.

“Loved You” by BAE173

Rookie group BAE173 makes their first comeback with “Loved You.” This bittersweet, upbeat track is similar to their debut, yet different enough for the group to show a different color. The nostalgic vibe of the track is very appealing. And for me, more immediately likeable and catchy than their solid debut. It’s a great comeback for the rookies and a big step forward as they get their careers off and running.

“Nightmare” by Jaejun featuring Aiden

Former C-CLOWN and TREI member Lee Jaejun releases the mellow hip-hop/R&B track “Nightmare” featuring Aiden. Both Jaejun and Aiden’s smooth vocals glide through the melancholic melody, resulting in a great, impactful track.

“Trust Your Pace” by Henry Lau

One of my favorite artists Henry Lau releases a special track with English language learning company Yanadoo called “Trust Your Pace.” The encouraging and comforting song is perfect for Henry’s warm voice. Especially during these uncertain times.

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