Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 28: Writing the Past, Drawing the Future.

Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Episode 28 – Writing the Past, Drawing the Future.
Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Master Logos laughs to himself as he anticipates the return of the All-Knowing Book.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Meanwhile, Kento thinks of how he must not waver from his mission to seal the Seiken.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

At the publishing office, Yuki tells Mei that she looks much more resilient and wonders if it’s Touma’s influence on her. Mei says she’s definitely seen some things with Touma and agrees it must have helped her grow. Yuki has a job for her though.

Up north, Touma is happy that he was able to help the sad boy dragon find his friends. Now Touma can join the rest of them on the frontlines. With Legeiel dead (!), only Storious and Zooous remain. Plus the SoL traitor as well.

They go over what they know so far based on what Daichi told Touma and find that it is similar to what Kento has been saying since his return. They reason that through Calibur, they both saw the same horrible futures.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Tetsuo explains that the SoL has four high ranking officials known as Sages. SoL’s policies must go through them. Yuuri says the SoL has been corrupted to its roots and that they can’t ever be sure of anyone’s true intentions.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Down south, Ren tells Rintaro that he is leaving. Rintaro reminds him of Kento’s mission to seal all the Seiken. But Ren says there’s nothing to worry about with his dear Kento-kun. After Ren storms out, Rintaro says it’s time he strengthened his resolve.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Back up north, Mei shyly asks Touma for a favor based on what Yuki asked her to do. That is for Touma to write a sequel to his novel Lost Memory. Yuki felt it was a touching story.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Mei says she understands Touma has been obviously busy and was hesitant to bother him. But Touma says this is definitely the right time for him to write it since it’s about all of them.

Touma recounts how Lost Memory began with his first Luna encounter. Thanks to her, his love for books grew. And Kento had suggested he become a novelist because of it. Young Touma felt he found his true path. But then That Day happened and everything changed, including losing all his memories and thinking all the events before that were a dream.

Lost Memory went on to become an international best seller and thanks to it, he was able to open his own bookstore.

Touma then begins to recap the show so far. The events all set to be part of the sequel he will write.

Yuuri explains how the Wonder Ridebooks are the pages of the All-Knowing Book while the Megido have tried to twist the All-Knowing Book using Alter Ridebooks.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Master Logos and Reika are also recapping what they know so far, including Touma being the key. But it’s time to get rid of him. And Master Logos calls in Reika’s older brother Ryoga.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Downtown, Ren excitedly finds his dear Kento-kun and says they can fight together once again. But Kento says they cannot.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Kento apologizes in advance for taking Ren’s Seiken. He henshins and attacks Ren who tries to get his dear friend to snap out of it to no success. Ren henshins and they battle.

Desast pops up after having smelled his way here. His appearance alerts Mei through her book and she and Touma hurry over.

Kento-kun is able to seal one of Ren’s swords and says this is the only way to save the world. Touma comes running in and asks Kento to explain exactly what he saw. But Kento just demands Touma hand over his stuff.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Touma says he has no choice but to stop Kento. He henshins to Elemental Dragon and they battle. Touma says he is sure there is a way to save the world without Kento following through with his plan. But Kento says he saw their futures, just like his father did. And in order to save the world, he betrayed his comrades. Unfortunately, he failed in his mission and died without fulfilling his wish.

Kento feels his father has sent him here now in order to save the world in his place.

Kento tries to deliver a finisher at Touma, but it is no match for Elemental Dragon. Kento is forced to dehenshin. Touma runs over to him. But Kento insists he will push forward with this plan he has chosen even if he dies making it happen.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Ren cries out over this painful situation with his dear Kento-kun. He vows to become stronger and believes that will allow him to save his dear Kento.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Just then, Mei suddenly sees the Wonder World up in the sky. She rubs her eyes and it goes away. She chalks it up to her active imagination.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Back up north, Touma says he will proceed with writing the Lost Memory sequel. To save those suffering from Books and to return those lost to the Megido, he will be writing this story with his friends. Though they are separated from them now, Rintaro, Ren AND Kento will be a part of that story.

Touma says Kento will not be alone. They will all fight together to save the world. And save Luna. They are the ones who decide how this story ends.

Kamen Rider Saber Episode 28 Recap

Master Logos says the All-Knowing Book is ready. All they need is the one that can connect the worlds.

Episode Thoughts

First off, I said last week that I definitely did not believe we’d seen the last of Legeiel. But a day after the episode aired, Kyle Takano posted photos of him with the infamous Toei bouquet! And we all know what that usually means. *cries* I’ll still hold out hope that he and the Megido3 will come back stronger than ever. (Basically, actually get some actual material to work with!) But I’ll keep my expectations low again.

Now to this week’s episode, I certainly did not expect a recap/clip show. Lol That came out of nowhere!

On one hand, I wish we kept the momentum going from the last couple of great weeks. On the other hand, I guess I appreciate the recap since a lot of things this season have been so vague and all over the place.

Having Yuki pop up this episode was definitely intentional. They want to remind us of what happened to her. Keep that in the back of our minds as we see later in the episode that Mei is beginning to have Wonder World flashes.

I’m going to wager that Mei turns into a Megido like Yuki did. And it’ll be Rintaro that saves her. Maybe even gets a power up to do it.

They made a point to show him saying he wants to solidify his resolve. What better way to do that than, no not more bromantic moments with Touma, but with actual romantic moments with Mei! My hopeless romantic self would love to see it. lol

And judging from the preview, we WILL see it! I am definitely here for any and all possible Rintaro-Mei romantic drama angst and sweetness. Hehe

The show will be feeding us not only some of Mei’s yummy eclairs, but possibly some wonderful Rintaro-Mei moments. I’m expecting a lot show!

Speaking of romance, I was disappointed by Ren and Kento-kun’s big reunion. They really should have made that a huge deal. Wasted a huge opportunity to really develop Ren’s character. They made him go back to his “I want to be strong” personality likely to set up his own acquisition of a power up in the coming weeks in order to face Kento in some big battle.

But I honestly would’ve just liked to see an extended and deeper version of the scene we got in this episode. An excited Ren getting shot down by a cold Kento. That should have been a big dramatic moment, but it was almost like a throwaway scene in this episode. So that was disappointing.

I am not too excited to have ANOTHER new character get introduced this episode. Especially when he’s essentially filling a cast slot left by Legeiel.

I am looking forward to seeing more Master Logos though just because Keisuke Soma looks deliciously evil in the role. Hehe

Overall, I don’t know why half of the episode was a clip show. Seems a little early for that. It definitely halted the great momentum the show had the last couple of weeks. I don’t know if this is one of those reset episodes. The last “reset” episode was pretty good. This one? Just meh.

2 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Saber, Chapter 28: Writing the Past, Drawing the Future.

  1. Clip show is not uncommon for a kids shows these days, NOT just for Power Rangers; especially for year-long weekly shows comprised of 45~50 episodes series.

    Since we just passed half-way mark, recap of the series was somewhat needed, despite its lackluster plots. As for clip show itself, well I don’t really have much to say; just a bunch of expositions and recap, that organized fairly well. I just wished overall show was structured organized better.

    I find it hilarious clips that was used for Mei, reminding how pointless and useless she it; granted, she had calmed and toned down in last few episodes, but that doesn’t redeem her character though; she still sucks. Oh btw, remember she still has that “key (or plot convenience) that was given by Sophia, who BARELY seen or mentioned in past few episodes; does Touma even remember her.

    As for Legeiel, who died previous episode, I really don’t have much feeling for the character, given that he didn’t do so much. He was such a forgettable, pointless, and wasted villain who was just there to have few fights and felt more of plot device rather than character. I just didn’t fell nothing for it, which is such a shame, given the brief backstory/flashback we got few episodes ago.
    As for rest of Megid Trio, I suspect Zooous to get killed by Rintaro/Blades and Storious by Saber or even Kento/Calibur.

    Speaking of Kento, I’m not completely surprised that he was brought back, given the fact he technically didn’t “die”, but I like how different he is in terms of his new and different attire and personality. I like that he’s a “lone wolf” who is not on side with anyone. He’s probably the only reason I’m going to watch the rest of the series.

    Nice to see Desast again, just watching fights, as always. lol XD

    Reika apparently has older brother, who we never heard til now.
    I guess he was busy protecting Master Logos or cleaning his bathroom or something. lol
    Looking forward to see how his character turns out.

    From what I can tell from this episode, it looks like Master Logos is going to be final boss, but I have a feeling that might not be the case though. I expect we might get another form of villain later on.

    Overall, while there has been progression since entering second half, the series it self it still lackluster and felt short. It’s getting “slightly” better, but it still frustrating and sluggish overall.
    There are interesting stuff is happening and I hope it goes to right direction; even though I don’t have much hope.

    1. Well, Sentai and Kamen Rider usually so clip shows towards the end of the season especially during weeks when they have to film movies. Power Rangers doesn’t have to film movies and does clip shows before episode 20.

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