Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 5, Episode 15 – “I licked the entire six-inch.”

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

The Race continues with teams in the Sunshine Coast. Teams will head to Rick’s Garage and hitch a ride in a classic car to Brisbane. Stan & Wayne and Chris & Aleisha learn their Salvage and Sabotage are connected. The Geek and Princess must carry the Bodybuilders’ bags the entire Leg.

Upon arrival in Brisbane, teams will find their next clue in Musgrave Park.

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

Hometown team Chris & Aleisha arrive at the park in first and open their next clue revealing the Detour: Cheery or Paniyiri. In Cheery, teams must learn a cheerleading routine. In Paniyiri, teams must learn a traditional Greek dance.

Chris & Aleisha decide to do the cheerleading, especially with Aleisha’s experience to help them. Holly & Dolor, Amanda & Ashleigh and MJ & Chelsea choose Paniyiri. Stan & Wayne initially decide on cheerleading, but switch to the Greek dance when they see what cheerleading entailed. Jaskirat & Anurag, now last thanks to the slow drive, also choose Paniyiri.

MJ & Chelsea pass the Greek dance on their 2nd attempt as do Holly & Dolor. Chris & Aleisha also pass on their 2nd attempt. They must now make their way to Subway’s Queen Street store. Here, one team member will create a sandwich using ten ingredients. Their blindfolded teammate must then identify all ingredients.

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

MJ starts eating Chelsea’s sandwich and easily identifies the ingredients. Dolor struggles with Holly’s sandwich as he doesn’t know the names of all ingredients. That allows Aleisha to easily pass them by quickly identifying Chris’ sandwich. Amanda & Ashleigh are in 4th.

After the Subway late lunch/early dinner, teams must head to the Ibis hotel by the river. Here, teams will need to turn on the lights of 14 designated rooms according to a unique grid map of colored squares corresponding to a room. Teams will receive all key cards for each of their rooms. And when all teams correctly light up the rooms, they will eventually form a smiley face. Teams can take the elevator to their top floor, but must then take the stairs down from then on.

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

Chris & Aleisha arrive at the hotel in 2nd, but get their first few rooms before MJ & Chelsea. They finish up neck and neck and it’s a Race to the Pit Stop at Story Bridge. The Mat is located at the top of the bridge.

MJ & Chelsea finish as Team #1 and win a trip on The Ghan. Chris & Aleisha, with the weight of Stan & Wayne’s bags on their backs, finish a strong 2nd.

Jaskirat & Anurag finish 3rd followed by Holly & Dolor and Ashleigh & Amanda in 4th and 5th.

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

It comes down to Skye-Blue & Jake and Stan & Wayne. Stan & Wayne finish the task before Skye-Blue & Jake, but the siblings hop in a taxi first. It’s a Race to the Pit Stop and the siblings end up as Team #6.

That means Stan & Wayne are last and eliminated.

The Amazing Race Australia 5 Episode 15 Recap

Episode Thoughts

The Salvage and Sabotage was meh. Like Speed Bumps, they will usually be lame. But it certainly provides an inconvenience to the Sabotage team. Though not really an advantage for the Salvage team.

Anyway, on to more important parts of the episode. The Detour was pretty good. Both basically learn and perform tasks. But each one had their own unique set of challenges. And again, it is all up to what teams are comfortable with or what suits their skills. It was good that the judges were fairly strict with teams. There are times when judges can be very loose with teams and it defeats the purpose of the tasks.

The Subway task was good. It’s a typical food sponsor task that’s been seen on TAR Canada or TARPHDME (lololol).

The hotel task is a fun, creative task. Basically a building-wide puzzle task. But it seems like the simple strategy would be to try out all the key cards on specific doors on a floor if you know the general corresponding layout. As long as teams calmly figure out their map, it should be fine. But in a high stress situation, teams can definitely mess up.

Also, couldn’t teams take all the keycards out of the pouch? I would think that would save some time. But having them put the cards back in the slip as a rule would be good as well.

Having the Mat the top of the bridge was great. Only thing to make it better would be if it happened during the day to get the great views of the city.

But! It is very refreshing to see teams actually Racing after dark for a change. They haven’t done so that much so far thanks to logistics and forcing overnight rests.

Overall, this might be my favorite Leg and episode so far. And I think it’s because it was the most normal Leg and episode so far. Excusing the Salvage/Sabtoage, this Leg saw no funny business. So that definitely helped make it a pretty fun episode. And at least the most enjoyable. Bonus points: The alliance was nowhere to be seen. And I hope it stays that way!

My Subjective Team Rankings

The Amazing Race Australia 5 The Amazing Race Australia 5 GAP The Amazing Race Australia 5 The Amazing Race Australia 5 GAP The Amazing Race Australia 5 The Amazing Race Australia 5 The Amazing Race Australia 5 ? The Amazing Race Australia 5

How awesome to see Chris & Aleisha do so well this Leg and almost win! No hometown curse for them. And that’s even with the dumb Sabotage literally on their backs too. I’m definitely rooting for them. And hope they can Race more like they did in this Leg.

I have to say, the animosity toward them has extended to the casuals. And I still don’t get it. When the Sabotage was shown in the episode, I was following along on Twitter and saw people immediately comment about Aleisha, especially, whining about the task. Things like “Why don’t you even try to carry a bag before whining” and stuff like that. That’s even as she merely mentioned her worry about having to carry such heavy bags all Leg initially. But also numerous times during the Leg asking Chris if she can help him with the bags anyway. It’s just so weird!

Holly & Dolor have been doing well these last couple of Legs. But THIS is the Holly & Dolor that I’d love to see more of! Lol The random moments of bickering and Dolor-isms are very fun. So it was great to see that all return in a great way this episode.

I liked Stan & Wayne. They’re good guys, but they definitely struggled during their short time on the Race. Again, they would’ve made a good team had they started from the beginning. So while I’m sad they’re eliminated over other teams, I’m also not that sad that one of the Stowaways are finally eliminated either.

MJ & Chelsea are definitely shaping up to be TARAu’s version to Natalie & Meaghan. And probably the true Tom & Tyler of this season. I’m sure they would’ve done lots of damage had they been here from the beginning. Probably winning all the First Class Passes. Like Jaskirat & Anurag in the early Legs, MJ & Chelsea are able to get themselves out of the bottom and shoot straight to the top. Aside from their mistake the other Leg, they’ve run a strong Race and are strong contenders. But I still hold back on wanting to root for them because of their Stowaway status.

I was very happy to see no mention of the Original Foursome alliance this Leg. I really hope it stays that way. We barely saw any of the three/four teams during the Leg. And to be honest, I didn’t really miss any of them. They were practically invisible, except for Jaskirat & Anurag. But they were fighting for last at the start of the Leg.

Episode Quotes

Stan: “I love pressure.”

Aleisha: “I licked the entire six-inch.”

2 thoughts on “Recap: The Amazing Race Australia 5, Episode 15 – “I licked the entire six-inch.”

  1. You know, it probably would’ve been better if changed up the type of Non-elimination penalties each episode and have both of them be negative. Etc Speed Bump or Marked for elimination

    1. One idea I’ve always had was have Non Eliminated teams pick an envelope to reveal their penalty. Like have a Marked for Elimination, Speed Bump, Yield, etc. So it would be random and it’s up to teams luck.

      Here, if they really wanted to keep the Salvage and Sabotage, they should’ve just made the Salvage the prize for the winners and give the Sabotage as the non Elim penalty.

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