Music Monday, March 1, 2021 – Eight (!) New Tracks from a Busy Last Few Weeks: Jeongmin, 1iL, Dami Im, Narachan, J.DON, SHINee, ONF, WEi

It’s been a busy last few weeks with lots of great new songs being released! Trying to catch up, here’s eight tracks from the last few weeks that caught my eyes and ears!

“#Young,” Jeongmin (featuring Rockett)

Jeongmin’s latest song is an emotional ballad that showcases his wonderful vocals including that of the featured Rockett as well. The lyrics tell the story of longing and fond memories of a special someone. And Jeongmin is able to bring those lyrics to life in a really affecting performance. Another great track from him.

“Netflix,” 1iL

1iL makes his comeback with the playfully seductive “Netflix.” As the title may suggest, the song has him inviting someone over for some Netflix and chill. 1iL definitely conveys that sentiment with his smooth, confident vocals and his overflowing charisma delivers the decisive cap to a great release.

“Lonely Cactus,” Dami Im

Dami Im is back with another great song in “Lonely Cactus.” The bright melody is paired with personal lyrics Dami wrote during 2020’s COVID restrictions. She tells the story of someone who feels lonely and longs for the company of other people, but then also feels prickly around those people making the person just want to be alone. Dami’s always spot-on vocals help tell the sort of whimsical story in a great pop package.

“Beautiful Sunday,” Narachan (M.O.N.T)

Narachan of M.O.N.T had one of my favorite songs of 2020 in “September Hills.” He releases his latest solo effort, “Beautiful Sunday.” The positive track speaks of hopeful, fresh starts. Narachan’s vocals match the bright, playful vibe of the song. Another great one from him.

“Clicker,” J.DON

N.Flying’s Seung Hyub makes his solo debut as J.DON with the title track “Clicker.” The song has touches of N.Flying’s sound, but it is very much Seung Hyub introducing his own flavor. The rock-infused groovy track has a playful mood. And Seung Hyub gets the chance to show off both his rap and vocals skills.

“Don’t Call Me,” SHINee

Yes, SHINee is indeed back as they release the title track “Don’t Call Me” off their 7th studio album. It is definitely a song you may not easily get out of your head. And that can be a good thing. The track starts off in a curious way before the pre-chorus kicks in and sets the tone for the rest of the song. The pre-chorus chants of the title highlight what the song is all about. Telling an ex-lover to quit bothering you and essentially leave you alone after the relationship has already ended. SHINee’s harmonious talents come together in what is a confident, charismatic track and performance. Certainly no surprise from a group that needs no introduction.

My favorite from the album is the last track “Kind.”

“Beautiful Beautiful,” ONF

ONF is back and this time with their first full album “ONF: MY NAME.” After a cheeky introduction song with “My Name Is” as a pre-release track off the album, ONF gets to introduce themselves to fans and possible new listeners alike with title track “Beautiful Beautiful.” It is a fun, energetic song featuring lyrics encouraging one to stand tall and embrace who you are. As diverse as ONF’s sound has been with every release, one constant is their high concept visuals and music videos. And that’s evident in the MV for the track. Catchy, bright song and another surefire performance from the talented, yet still underrated group.

My favorite track from the album, however, is the surprising “The Realist.” The synth-based song sounds dreamlike and futuristic. A unique sound not just for ONF (who are masters at diverse styles), but for K-pop in general. A real pleasant surprise. It would be amazing for ONF to release an EP in this style perhaps in the future.

“All or Nothing,” WEi

WEi releases their 2nd mini album “Identity: Challenge” with a fiery title track. “All or Nothing,” produced by member Jang Dae Hyeon, is also an energetic track with a rousing EDM sound that allows the group to show off their performance and charisma. After their strong debut, they definitely take it up a notch with this comeback.

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