Music Monday, February 1, 2021 – Excellent Tracks from Bobby, Golden Child, KISU and Casper

A quartet of excellent tracks from Bobby, Golden Child, KISU and Casper.

“U Mad,” Bobby

I don’t listen to iKON regularly, but Bobby’s “Love and Fall” unexpectedly became one of my favorite albums from a Korean solo artist ever. That album, as well as his song “Rest Your Bones” released to YouTube in early 2020 and his contribution to the Record of Youth OST (“Spotlight”) are just the vibe I enjoy. So I was very much looking forward to Bobby’s second solo album. And while the title track may not necessarily be my cup of tea, he nonetheless delivers. And in a powerful way.

“U Mad” is a rousing hip-hop track. A confident and defiant track that has him addressing detractors and asserting himself as an artist.

My favorite tracks from the album, however, are definitely “Break It Down,” “In The Dark,” “Lilac,” “Ur Soul Ur Body,” “Liar” and “Let It Go.” But overall, another excellent release from a talented artist.

“Burn It,” Golden Child

Golden Child returns with a bit of a curveball, but a good one. “Burn It” signals the group fully leaping into its more mature sound that they’d been growing into the last year or so. The reggaeton-infused song is a very appealing listen. And an interestingly dramatic vibe as well that lends itself to the cinematic music video.

The rest of the album is solid. My favorite track though is “Milky Way.”

“Boy,” KISU

Former 24K member KISU releases his official solo debut track “Boy.” It is a beautifully nostalgic and emotional track. KISU’s vocals matching the sincere, meaningful lyrics. And a breathtakingly wistful music video brings it all together. A real treat.

“Time,” Casper.True

Former CROSS GENE member Casper, going by Casper.True for his solo efforts, releases his latest track entitled “Time.” The groovy, R&B dance track has Casper matching his smooth vocals with smooth moves. It is definitely a vibe of a song and a great showcase for his talent.

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