Music Monday, January 25, 2021 (Part 1) – AB6IX, BXW, ONEUS, CRAVITY

Not sure about what’s happening with two of the tracks here, but thankfully there’s two other bright songs to balance them out.

“Stay Young,” AB6IX

AB6IX comes back with a special reissue of their last EP including a few new songs. One of them is the title track “Stay Young.” The hopeful track is a bright song that allows AB6IX to show their youthful sides once more.

“Candy,” BXW

Speaking of bright and youthful, J-pop group BXW drop their first comeback track “Candy.” While their debut “Takaiyumeni” was a great, soaring dance track, “Candy” is a much cuter, much sweeter outing. Their smiles are utterly contagious as you watch the music video and listen to the song. A welcome positive vibe of a song to enjoy.

“No Diggity,” ONEUS

I think I’m a little confused by ONEUS’ “No Diggity.” I’m actually not really sure what to make of it. ONEUS is one of my favorite rookie groups of the last two years. But I’m not sure I get this title track. It feels a little bit all over the place. The verses and pre-chorus are good. But the rest of the song (especially the chorus) and the frenzied music video are just really odd. The song is about sticking by their girl and telling other boys to step back. Yet the music video has Leedo in a Joker cosplay and Xion’s head imprisoned in a spiked skull cage. What?!

It seems after their appearance on Road to Kingdom, the group is leaning in to this kind of dark concept which I’m on the fence about. “To Be Or Not To Be” was a great song and while darker, still fit with their style and sound that they’ve established. “No Diggity” though? It brings back memories of other groups over the last ten years who try to switch things up for really no reason other than to garner more attention. And that makes me kind of sad for ONEUS.

“My Turn,” CRAVITY

I like CRAVITY’s comeback a little more after first listen than their last title track “Flame.” The song is an interesting experience. Similar to ONEUS, I enjoy the verses and pre-chorus. But the chanting chorus here feels a little awkward and out of place. Though the feeling it evokes matches with the overall vibe of the song a little better and less annoyingly than the former.

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