Music Monday, January 18, 2021 Extra – LEX (of BIGFLO), Yubin, E’LAST, TREASURE

An excellent solo debut, a groovy solo comeback from a queen and a pair of rookies with great tracks this week!

“SIP,” Lex

BIGFLO member Lex releases his first solo single with “SIP.” The very personal lyrics, written by Lex, resonate over the soulful R&B track as he chronicles his own journey while offering hopeful encouragement. Definitely my favorite release of 2021 so far. I’m a fan of BIGFLO and Lex, so I’m so happy to see him finally getting to release some solo music. I’m looking forward to more from Lex (he continues to host Arirang Radio’s Music Access and will be in an upcoming Korean BL drama) and hopefully BIGFLO soon!

“Perfume,” Yubin

Yubin is definitely one of my ultimates and she’s back with an interesting retro track. “Perfume” definitely is in line with her style and music, but it takes some unique twists that make it a very distinctive and specific track. The retro vibes work well, especially in the bright, striking music video where Yubin’s beauty and performance shines. But the song itself definitely takes a little getting used to.

“Dangerous,” E’LAST

E’LAST released “Dangerous” on their second album last November. And this week they released a powerful music video for it. Very much a quintessential K-pop dance track, but with refreshing contemporary touches. It’s an impactful track and a great complimentary track to their more dramatic title “Tears of Chaos.”

“My Treasure,” TREASURE

Rookie group TREASURE has done very well since their debut and they collect their three releases so far into their first full album, “The First Step: Treasure Effect.” Title track “My Treasure” is a sweet track and their brightest yet, showing off their versatility when compared to their previous releases. It might not be their most impactful title track, but it’s a welcome happy track.

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