Music Monday, January 11, 2021 – Jeong Sewoon, MCND, Seongri, Hong Eunki

2021 gets started with some great new comeback tracks from Jeong Sewoon, MCND, Seongri, Hong Eunki.

“In the Dark,” Jeong Sewoon

Jeong Sewoon has been one of my favorite solo artists. Though he has had plenty of fun, upbeat songs (Some of my faves are “Just U,” “Baby It’s U,” “Waterfall”), my absolute favorites from him are the ones that are perfect for my Night Drive playlist. (See “No Better Than This,” “Your Favorite Song”) His latest title track “In the Dark” definitely slots in with the latter. The seemingly moody, rhythmic music of the track is an interesting balance with the actually uplifting lyrics. It’s a very appealing combo that highlights who he is an artist.

The rest of the album (the second part of his first full album as the first half was released last year) is a diverse mix of tracks. My favorite B-side is “Fine.”

“Crush,” MCND

MCND exploded onto the scene with their fiery debut “Ice Age.” Starting out with such a strong track is a double-edged sword. They announced their arrival with such an impactful track. But at the same time, it’s hard to match or top it. Their comeback “nanana” was good, but I didn’t feel like it really reached the heights of their debut. Their latest “Crush” does a little better in coming close. The irresistibly catchy track has the same kind of hook that reels you in.

My favorite track from the album “MCND Age” though is definitely “Louder.”

“One Shot,” Seongri

Former RAINZ member Seongri came back last month with the stirring, emotional pop-trot ballad “If It Wasn’t You.” And to ring in the new year, he’s released a music video for B-side track “One Shot,” a fun and bright trot dance track. The album, which also includes the beautifully haunting “Heavenly Reunion,” is a great showcase for his talent and versatility.

“On&On,” Hong Eunki

Fellow RAINZ bandmate Hong Eunki, meanwhile returns with his latest comeback. “On&On” is an uptempo dance track that matches the romantic lyrics with the energetic beat. The song starts fast and never lets up, keeping you vibing the whole way through.

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