Music Monday, January 4 – Nine More Tracks That Should’ve Made My Top 60 of 2020

So like I mentioned in my Best of 2020 lists for music and Korean drama, I’m very indecisive. Especially when it comes to making lists and rankings. Every year on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I usually listen to my favorite songs from the past year. And this time, all 60 of the tracks I had on my list were definitely on the playlist. But there were also several songs that made me go “Wait a minute! That song should’ve definitely been on my Top 60 list!”

In fact a few, if not all of these songs probably would’ve ranked higher than #60 if I had included them. But like I said, I’m very indecisive lol

Anyway, here’s some more great songs from 2020 to enjoy in 2021 and beyond!

“My Love (Cover),” Hongseok & Inseong

One of the best OSTs from 2020 is definitely Baekhyun’s “My Love” from Dr. Romantic 2. And one awesome thing that happened last year was having my two biases from PENTAGON and SF9 actually cover the song. Not together though. But I wondered if I could actually make a faux duet. And it worked! I think it sounds great! And both original solo covers sound just as great too.

“We Belong,” Ong Seung Wu

Ong Seung Wu opened 2020 with this release and it was a taste of his solo efforts. A fun, romantic song that lets him show off his charms and talent that caught everyone’s attention back on Produce 101 and eventually in Wanna One as well.

“Headache,” Moon Jongup

Moon Jongup made his solo debut in 2020 with the excellent track “Headache.” The funky pop song is such a great song. And definitely very different from his solo track on a project album with fellow B.A.P bandmate Daehyun entitled “Try My Luck.” (Also excellent.)

“Gravity,” Ong Seung Wu

Ong Seung Wu made his official solo debut in March with the release of “Gravity.” The dramatic track is hard to resist as his vocals power the emotional lyrics and striking music.

“Revival,” CIX

CIX released some great music in Korea in 2020. But they also made their Japanese debut with the excellent “Revival.” The midtempo track is definitely different from their other releases and allows the group to show off a different side to them. It’s become one of my favorite tracks from them. And considering their song “Rebel” did make my Top 60 list (and pretty high up too!), you might be able to infer the kind of vibes I do enjoy. =)

“Knock,” ASTRO

ASTRO’s “Blue Flame” and “All Night” were two of my absolute favorite tracks in 2019. “Knock” is definitely in the same style and vibe, so it really should’ve been in my Top 60. It’s a great representation of ASTRO’s evolved and more mature sound and performance. Special shoutout to Moonbin and Sanha’s unit release “Bad Idea” as well. Also a great track.

“a sOng Of ice & fire,” OnlyOneOf

After their funky and summery release “Angel,” OnlyOneOf dips back into their airily aesthetic sound with ” a sOng Of ice&fire.” As one of the most experimental groups in K-pop, OnlyOneOf presents this sensous GroovyRoom-produced track. It features a playful one-sided back and forth with you the listener as the recipient of their seductive lyrics and vocals.

“To Be Or Not to Be,” ONEUS

After making a splash on Mnet’s Road to Kingdom, ONEUS returns with their darkest and most dramatic track yet. The cinematic music video perfectly matches the cinematic-sounding track. The irresistible chorus seamlessly shifts to a powerful rap section and later to a haunting hook. The group’s vocalists take care of the silky verses.

“Wish For You,” Kang In Soo and Lee Sang

Full circle as we wrap up this group of songs with another OST. This time from the web series Wish You. Its lead stars Kang Insoo (of MYNAME and one of my Ultimate Biases!) and Lee Sang (of IMFACT) sing this sweet, romantic ballad, the theme of the series. The chemistry they displayed in the series is very much present here in this wonderful track.

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