Music Monday, October 19, 2020 – Arashi, VERIVERY, M.O.N.T, PENTAGON

A quintessential pop ballad from legends and versatile showcases for three talented groups.

“Whenever You Call,” Arashi

Ahead of their hiatus at the end of the year, legendary Japanese boy band Arashi released their first all-English track last month. “Whenever You Call,” written and produced by Bruno Mars, is a quintessential pop song. Just the kind of soaring mid-tempo pop ballad you’d hear from boy bands of the early 2000s such as Westlife and Backstreet Boys. But with a pinch of modern flavor as well.

It’s a sound and style that is nostalgic for long-time fans. And it’s an easy listen for everyone else. There’s certainly a reason songs like this, especially from boy bands, will last far longer than some of the more trendy, of the moment styles that other artists (and yes, boy bands) like to trot out for a quick hit these days. And it’s the kind of music that appeals to a wide audience around the world, especially across Asia.

While simple and not lyrically groundbreaking, there’s a sense of timelessness to a track like this. You’ll hear it being played a decade or two from now with longing just like one may listen to some of Arashi’s earlier songs today.

Though it’s not the type of career capping song one would expect, it’s a fitting song that should have a strong emotional meaning to their fans. And a good ol’ pop song for the masses.


The evolution and growth of VERIVERY has been great to watch. As they grow into a more mature sound, each track is a great showcase for their development as performers and vocalists. “G.B.T.B.” does just that. The catchy, anthemic chorus is paired with gentle verses. And it makes for an exciting and enjoyable package.

“Shadow,” M.O.N.T

In preparation for the release of their new album, M.O.N.T released solo tracks and in August, this standout track “Shadow.” M.O.N.T shows off their versality with this jazz-infused R&B track. It is a mellow vibe that the members effortlessly express in the vocals and in the simple, though aesthetically appropriate music video.


Similarly versatile is PENTAGON. Member Hui’s compositions have shaped the group’s sound and style in a way that you can hear everything from funky pop to bombastic anthems to dramatic rock ballads. And their new track “Daisy” is the latter. The emotional and angsty heartbreak song is a vocal showcase for the group.

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