Music Monday, October 5, 2020 – 2Z (투지), Dami Im, A.C.E and The Boyz

Four more great songs to add your playlist from this past month!

“Not Without U,” 2Z (투지)

Rookie band 2Z (TuZi) debuted earlier this year and they returned a few weeks ago with this excellent song. The soft-rock vibes bring about a soaring and uplifting song. Their great vocals and equally great visuals come together in the stunning music video. It’s a perfect song for this Summer to Fall transition and one of the most immediately impactful songs from a rookie artist this year.

“Paper Dragon,” Dami Im

Dami Im is back with another empowering anthem. “Paper Dragon” is a hopeful song. Her vocals are always the highlight and she brings about the emotions so well from the very first note.

“Favorite Boys,” A.C.E

A.C.E. released their roaring comeback “Favorite Boys” last month, but they unveiled the director’s cut of the music video a few days ago. It’s a powerful track from a group that’s been able to top themselves with every release.

“The Stealer,” The Boyz

Speaking of powerful, so are The Boyz with their sexy comeback “The Stealer.” The song is a satisfying culmination of their months of flirtatious teasing and a big step forward for their sound and style.

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