Music Monday, September 14, 2020 – Jamie, ENOi, DAY6 (Even of Day), HA:TFELT

Here’s four more recent releases that have been on repeat for me:

“Numbers,” Jamie (feat. Changmo)

In her first release with Warner Music Korea, Jamie (Jimin Park) brings to music a philosophy she’s subscribed to for a while now even when still at JYP Entertainment. “Numbers” speaks of doing away with being overly concerned about the “numbers” that music and specifically K-pop artists are judged by these days. It’s a sentiment Jamie has expressed before, wanting to just focus on her music instead of the charts. And she expands that message into an empowering, energetic anthem about being yourself and enjoying it without caring about judgmental eyes.

“W.A.Y (Where Are You),” ENOi

ENOi had a solid debut in 2019 with “Bloom” and came back with a “Cheeky” song earlier this year. This time, ENOi takes a mix of old school K-pop and contemporary bells and whistles to an interesting dance track in “W.A.Y (Where Are You)”. ENOi may still be finding their sound, but are definitely not lacking in talent and charisma.

“Where the Sea Sleeps,” DAY6 (Even of Day)

Young K, Wonpil and Dowoon of DAY6 present the band’s first sub-unit release with this dreamy ballad. The emotional music video features many meaningful nods to their fans. But the song is an encouraging love letter and features Young K and Wonpil’s strong, impassioned vocals.

“La Luna,” HA:TFELT

After her excellent, personal album “1719” earlier this year, HA:TFELT (Park Yeeun) is back with a sultry song and music video in “La Luna”. The Latin-inspired track is a showcase for HA:TFELT’s talent, charisma and artistry. Not to mention her versatility. The song is an almost stripped-down experience, perfect for the end of summer as you focus on the vibe and the vocals.

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