Recap: The Amazing Race 3, Episode 3 – “You Always Just Forget About Me!”

Recap: The Amazing Race 3, Episode 3 – “You Always Just Forget About Me!”

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

With $440 for this Leg, it’s time for teams to fly to London, England. Teams must exit Mexico through Mexico City.

Aaron & Arianne are leading the charge against the Twins Derek & Drew. Flo & Zach, Michael & Kathy and Heather & Eve are part of the squad to help bring them down.

At the Cancun airport, the alliance splits as Aaron & Arianne and Michael & Kathy hop on the earliest flight to Mexico City without booking a flight onward to London. Heather & Eve and Flo & Zach stay behind in Cancun until they can book the whole itinerary.

Ken & Gerard are the first team to book flights to London via Mexico City and Paris. Michael & Kathy and Aaron & Arianne find tickets via Miami. The connecting flight to London is full, but the airline allows them to sit in Business Class.

Derek & Drew are the first team to arrive in London, also via Miami, at 6:35am followed by Aaron & Arianne and Michael & Kathy arriving at 10:15am.

Ken & Gerard, via Paris, arrive at 10:20am. Flo & Zach and Heather & Eve, also via Paris, arrive at 11:10am.

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

Once in London, teams must make their way to Scudamore’s Boatyards in Cambridge where they find the Detour: Punt or Bike. Teams must choose between two modes of transportation to reach clues hanging from a bridge. In Punt, teams must hop in a punt and navigate their way one mile down the River Cam. In Bike, teams must ride a tandem bicycle through a marked six-mile course through Cambridge.

Derek & Drew choose Punt and easily maintain their lead. They open the next clue revealing they must take a charter bus to Aberdeen, Scotland. The first bus departs at 7:30pm, followed by the second one at 10pm and the last at 1am.

The twins decide to take it easy during their seven (!) hour wait.

Ken & Gerard are next to choose Punt and have a hilarious time down the river resulting in Gerard falling into the water. Michael wants to Punt as well because he does not want to be seen on a “corny” tandem bike. Kathy thinks that’s crazy.

Aaron & Arianne choose the bikes while Flo & Zach and Heather & Eve also choose Punt. But once they’re in the water, Zach wants them to switch to the bikes.

Heather and Eve argue about their overweight backpacks.

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

At the charter bus stop, Ken & Gerard make some small talk with Derek & Drew, saying they acknowledge the Twins are on a roll.

All these teams make the 7:30pm bus.

Meanwhile, John Vito & Jill arrive in London at 5:35pm. Andre & Damon arrive at 5:47pm with Teri & Ian going through Paris arriving at 6:30pm. Dennis & Andrew are in last after a frustrating time at the Cancun Airport.

John Vito & Jill arrive at Scudamore’s at 9:10pm! They decide to Punt on a boat lined with rope lights a decade before they were TikTok popular. They hustle to make the 10pm bus with one minute to spare.

Andre & Damon get to Scudamore’s at 10:15pm and also choose Punt while Teri & Ian are close behind. They both make the 1am bus.

Dennis & Andrew finally arrive in London at 9:45am the next morning. They immediately go to the Fast Forward where they must drive a tank through an obstacle course in 90 seconds or less at the Duxford Imperial War Museum.

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

In Aberdeen, teams must take a taxi to drive them to a field in Stonehaven where they find the Road Block: Who feels a bit gamey? For this Road Block, they must compete in three traditional Highland Games: Caber Toss, Hammer Throw and Shot Put.

Ken, Derek, Aaron, Zach and Heather choose to do the Road Block.

Derek & Drew maintain their led and run to the Pit Stop at Dunnottar Castle to check-in as Team #1. Ken & Gerard finish as Team #2.

Meanwhile, Dennis is able to complete the Fast Forward and he and Andrew will hop into a chauffeured limousine to take them to the Pit Stop complete with champagne.

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

Flo & Zach, Aaron & Arianne and Heather & Eve finish 3rd through 5th.

Michael & Kathy are a little lost as their taxi driver is not familiar with the area. But Michael chooses to do the Road Block and he and Kathy finish as Team #6.

Jill does the Road Block and she and John Vito check-in as Team #7.

Teri and Andre perform the Road Block. It’s a foot race to the Mat with Andre & Damon taking 8th and Teri & Ian surprised at being Team #9.

That means the champagne-enjoying, Fast Forward winning Dennis & Andrew are last and eliminated.

The Amazing Race 3 Episode 3 Recap

Episode Highlights

Episode Thoughts

I’ll be honest, this was a pretty forgettable episode. Watching it is alright. There’s some exciting parts. And a lot happened. But this was definitely a barebones Leg. Like, the very definition of it. A very simple Detour and a Road Block. That’s it?! What?!

Interestingly enough, the episode was still felt very full. Are the teams just that good? (I think so!)

But it’s so crazy to think there were only two tasks this Leg. But relatively to contemporary TAR, the episode didn’t feel barebones. You know?

Take the airport drama at the beginning. Remember all this flight finagling? You definitely will not see that any longer. How crazy that there were EIGHT different flights from Mexico to London! Wowowow! I can’t even remember the last time there were more than two flights on a Leg!

Anyway, the Detour was so simple. It was almost like an Active Route Info task. We got the classic moments of Ken & Gerard falling in the water. And funny bit of foreshadowing with Flo in a boat. But otherwise, this was a boring Detour.

Then we have the overnight bus. Which again, this Leg was around 36 hours long. Almost two full days! With teams hours apart!

I of course remember Dennis & Andrew getting eliminated even after a Fast Forward. But I didn’t remember it was because they were already so far behind. I mean, they arrived in London around 15 hours after the other teams. WTF! That’s absolutely insane.

I always talk about how much better TAR was in the good ol’ days. But I realize now that there’s things like this when it comes to logistics that definitely should be avoided today.

I think TARPHDME also helped me understand TAR logistics a little more too.

The Road Block was pretty good though. And as we saw, it was very exciting when all the teams were there together. Seeing teams completing tasks side-by-side is always the best situation.

Overall, a very barebones Leg. A reasonably exciting episode to watch, but definitely forgettable especially in a season like Season 3.

My Subjective Team Rankings

Not much movement in my team ranks this week. Everyone’s fine at this point. (I don’t think that’ll change much though considering my love for this season lol)

I definitely remember Teri & Ian being behind at the start of the Race before they really turned it on about halfway. Both with their Racing and their interactions with other teams. It was funny to see in this episode how positive Ian was in Cancun. He was saying how he was having fun now and everything seemed to be going alright. Then fast forward to London where they felt very defeated and thinking they were fighting for last with Andre & Damon. It’s just so fascinating to see that attitude from them knowing how well they will do later on.

Ken & Gerard‘s punting shenanigans are definitely one of the most memorable moments during the season. And certainly the best moment from this episode. They were hilarious. And what’s refreshing is how natural they were. They may have played it up a little to the cameras. But unlike TAR of today, they weren’t doing it to get viral on social media or something. They were just being big, loveable goofballs.

John Vito & Jill is another team that wasn’t doing so hot in the beginning. Definitely takes them a while to get going as well. But they were still able to claim their screentime in this episode.

I am appreciating Michael & Kathy‘s contributions to the season a lot more. I definitely did not remember Michael’s talking about tandem bikes being corny and Kathy just not having any of it. That’s the kind of couple bickering that’s fun and amusing to watch. And again, Michael’s laidback attitude is a great contrast to Kathy’s more, I guess, practical ideas in the Race. Plus, it’s even better knowing that they do get married and are now happy with children!

I have to say again how much I disliked Aaron & Arianne during and immediately after the season. But boy, they’re delivering with the sassy attitude and catty comments. lol I do remember them not being fans of Ian, so I’m looking forward to reliving that next week.

On the flipside of not remember how other teams were not so strong in the beginning, I do not remember Heather & Eve actually being so strong. They were doing very well these first three Legs. But it was funny to hear Michael’s comments about them doing a little too much. Having some sense of urgency and hustle is good. But I could definitely see how one could be a little annoyed with Heather & Eve at the airport like that.

The biggest things about Flo & Zach in this episode were the two moments that would seem to vaguely foreshadow the iconic moments from later in the season. First we see Flo and Zach struggling in a boat! And then we see them getting on a bike before Zach leaves her hanging between two boats when they grab the clue. The title quote, “You always just forget about me” is so emblematic of their moments later on, I had to giggle. Lol It’s fun to see.

The “Twin Hunt” against Derek & Drew was definitely a huge plot point in the first half of TAR3. And they proved how dangerous they could be as they claimed their first non-Fast Forward win. And it was pretty easy for them too.

All this time, I remembered Dennis & Andrew‘s elimination by Fast Forward to be such a dumb move somehow. But seeing how it played out again, I realize they were already done before even leaving Mexico. How they got such bad flights to London is pretty crazy. But as soon as they arrived in London more than half a day after the next closest team, they were done for. If it wasn’t for the Fast Forward, they probably would’ve just gotten the “Go to the Pit Stop” clue earlier. Still, this is an example of why TAR controls more of the flights these days.

Andre & Damon were pretty invisible this Leg. All their scenes were just checking in with them to make sure we knew they were still in the Race. Otherwise, it was a very quiet Leg for them.

Episode Quotes

Michael: “I don’t want to do a tandem bike. It’s way too corny. I ain’t the corny type.”
Kathy: “You are corny.”

Michael: “I live by rules. And I don’t ever want to be seen on a tandem bike.”
Kathy: “That’s a poor excuse not to do it.”

Teri: “Don’t you know how paddle a canoe?!”

Highland Gamer: “No, you’re too good looking for muscles.”

Ian: “Scottie, beam me up!”

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