Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 4 – “The words ‘Patience is a virtue’ are lost on your generation.”

Recap: Power Rangers Operation Overdrive, Episode 4 – Heart of Blue

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

After Spencer shows Will his not-yet-ready Hovertek Cycle, they join the others in the base.

Mr. Hartford opens the scroll. And while everyone else argues over what the drawing on it could be, Rose immediately knows exactly what to do to reveal its true shape.

The scroll, when correctly arranged, shows Neptune’s sword. Rose fills them in on the details, including the fact that they need two other scrolls.

Later, Dax is walking along downtown when he hears a woman cry for help. She is being attacked by the monster Ultrog. Dax quickly springs into action to fight it before it disappears.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Dax makes sure the woman is okay. She introduces herself as Mira and Dax is instantly enamored by her. He asks her out and she says yes.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

After a couple of days, the others begin noticing Dax has become very distracted because he has fallen in love.

Meanwhile, Spencer shows Mr. Hartford an e-mail from the Museum of Antiquities who say the two scrolls were stolen from them by Lady Penelope. Will says he’s unsuccessfully been trying to recover the artifacts stolen from Lady Penelope for years.

Luckily, she lives close by. But as they are leaving, Mira shows up at the front door for her third visit this week. Dax asks if he can catch up in a few minutes.

Outside Lady Penelope’s home, Mack, Ronny and Rose wait as Will has gone inside. Dax arrives and says he brought Mira with him, but dropped her off around the corner.

A little while later, Will finally emerges with the two scrolls in his pants. But Lady Penelope’s security guards appear to get them back. Will reluctantly hands them over, but Lady Penelope suddenly appears and asks for them herself.

She shoos the guards away and says it’s time to end the Rangers’ suffering. The Rangers square up.

“Box an old lady, would we? Then let’s do it.”

Lady Penelope also puts her fists up, much to the surprise of the Rangers., But the Rangers are even more surprised when Lady Penelope peels her mask off to reveal… Spencer!

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Spencer gives them the scrolls to hurry back to the mansion.

But along the way, they are shot at by Ultrog.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Ultrog demands the scrolls. The Rangers morph and they battle. But they have a tough time. Dax is surprised how much they’re struggling when he was able to easily take him on the other day.

Just then, Mira comes running in and tells Dax to be careful. Ultrog grabs her and demands they hand over the scrolls or she’s dead. Dax asks Will for the scrolls and walks them over to Ultrog.


Ultrog tosses Mira into the air before poofing away, but Dax is able to catch her. Mira apologizes.

Back at the mansion, Dax tells Mira that he hasn’t been able to focus on his job while they’ve been together. Mira understands and says he’s the right guy at the wrong time.

Mira adds that there’s nothing more important than Dax helping his friends to find the scrolls. But Dax says she is more important and his friends will just have to get used to their relationship.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Dax asks Mira to give him 30 minutes before meeting back in the living room. When Mira goes looking for Dax at that time, she finds him keeping the 3rd scroll safe in a box.

Dax shows her two Heckapalooza tickets and she is ecstatic.

Dax gets a call. He says they’ll meet again tonight and he hurries out.

Over in his ice cave, Flurious has no idea who has sent Ultrog to fight the Rangers. But he sends in Chillers to help him.

Will asks Spencer if his Hovertek Cycle is finally ready and it is. Will hops on and drives through a group of Chillers.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Will has a fun time using his new vehicle to wipe out the Chillers.

Back at the mansion, Mira opens the box with the scroll and takes it. But Dax already had his suspicions. He walks out from around the corner just as Mira is about to leave with the scroll.

“For a while there, I really believed it was me that you wanted.”

“Not as much as the Sword of Neptune,” Mira replies.

Dax asks if he meant anything to her and she bluntly says No. He asks her who she really is and she reveals herself.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Mira is actually Miratrix. She says the heart is a human’s biggest weakness as it controls everything and she was able to control Dax’s.

Dax just lets Miratrix walk out of the mansion and he goes to play pool. Spencer asks why he isn’t helping to save the world with the others.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Dax says they’re better off without him and he admits he completely messed up. How could he have been fooled by Miratrix.

Spencer says he knows exactly how Dax feels. He’s had his heart broken before too, but it takes time for the wounds to heal. For now, Dax should remember romances come and go. But true friends will always be there for each other.

The others call Dax, but before he leaves, he asks Spencer to do something for him.

The Rangers have been battling Ultrog all afternoon. Miratrix shows herself to the Rangers and says Ultrog has absorbed the power of the two scrolls, so they will be unable to stop him.

Dax arrives and the Rangers work together to knock Ultrog back.

Miratrix calls her “master,” Kamdor, for help. From inside her pendant, Kamdor embiggens Ultrog. The Rangers hop into the Megazord and take on the embiggened monster.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Miratrix holds up the third scroll for Ultrog to absorb its power. But nothing happens. She opens the scroll and it’s a picture of Dax. It’s a fake!

Spencer arrives with the real scroll and tosses it to the Rangers who use it to power themselves up. They are able to release the two scrolls from Ultrog and Spencer picks them up.

As Ultrog is destroyed, Miratrax vows they will meet again.

The other Rangers apologize for doubting Dax. Dax thanks them for giving him a heads up about Mira.

Dax explains that he noticed Ultrog only showed up whenever Mira was around. Then Mira let slip that she knew they were looking for jewels when he never told her that.

Dax apologizes for getting sidetracked.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

“I don’t blame you!” Will says. “She was hot! Evil, but hot!”

Anyway, the Rangers put the three scrolls together and it turns into the Sword of Neptune. But it is missing the jewel.

Suddenly, the sword goes flying toward the map on the wall. It lands on St. Lucia in the Caribbean.

Power Rangers Operation Overdrive Episode 4

Episode Thoughts

Definitely a better episode than Episode 3. Though the Rangers definitely handed those scrolls over a little too easily at first (lol), the fake-outs and twists were very fun and served as great character moments for Dax.

This episode counters a common criticism from the Operation Overdrive critics that Dax is some idiot or buffoon. When in reality, this episode was very much in line with what we know of him so far (and what we would know in the future). And puts him in a very positive light.

First of all, the episode showed he was the one that figured Miratrix out in the end. He set that trap for her with the fake scroll even.

But even Dax falling for her in the beginning relates to his personality. He dreams of being the leading man, the hero who gets the girl, instead of the bit player who gets brushed off to the side. He has had his heart broken, whether as an actor or in romantic relationships.

He decides to shoot his shot when he first meets Mira and she actually says Yes and shows interest in him. It’s definitely understandable how he would pursue the relationship. And him becoming distracted is also a predictable, but reasonable situation to overcome.

So I think this episode was a great focus on Dax’s personality. And of course, another great mentor moment from Spencer.

Now, not remembering every episode, I was definitely surprised when Dax set Miratrix up with the scroll. I did not remember how Miratrix revealed herself to the Rangers, though I did remember her using Dax to sort of infiltrate them.

It was a great introduction to Miratrix and just scratching the surface of the three villain factions the Rangers would be facing this season.

The conversation between Miratrix and Dax too was very mature. Far more mature than anything in recent seasons. They were talking like adults would. Not adults trying to talk down to children.

Another interesting thing is that this was a Dax-focus episode, but it was Will that gets the fancy new toy!

Pardon my Power Ranger toys naivety. But the Hovertek Cycle was a Power Rangers original creation, yes? I think it was, considering Power Rangers loved creating new bikes every year. Plus, the scenes of the bike were definitely New Zealand-shot I think. All those Koichisplosions!

I think the Hovertek Cycle looks great though and the use of pink is a very progressive choice! Ahead of its time!

Overall, a great, fun episode.

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