The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20) Race Tracker – Leg 8

This was the most fiery Leg yet as tensions reached an unexpected boiling point and a strategic game move backfired for one unlucky team.

On the train from Liege to Zurich, Megan & Mikael, fearing they would become the next targets, proposed an alliance with Tia & Fay and Danica & Ciara who had been working together so far. They agreed and decided to U-Turn Mlee & Quoc Anh and Rachel & Elissa at the next chance they get.

Upon hearing they would be traveling to Switzerland, Rachel & Elissa were worried as they had been eliminated in the country on TAR31.

All teams had been on the same train from Liege to Zurich and teams were no more than five minutes apart leaving in their brand new 2020 Kia Niros from the Lindenhof.

Teams also caught up with each other at the Chapel Bridge. All teams were able to figure out the hidden clue within 10 minutes of each other and ended up neck and neck at the Double Road Block. This is despite Megan & Mikael pointing some teams in the wrong direction, multiple times.

Self-driving switched teams around between Route Markers through the bungee jump Road Block. But teams ended up within minutes of each other at Hotel Bellevue. A few teams were lost and could not find the St. Bernards.

Then the mad scramble to the Yield upended the relative calm of the Race.

At the Yield board, Danica & Ciara arrived first and did not Yield anyone as they believed the deal earlier was for a U-Turn. Megan & Mikael were 2nd, but took their time at the Yield to allow Tia & Fay to catch up in order to try and get them to Yield their original targets. This held up the line as other teams were right behind waiting to check-in.

Rachel & Elissa and Jak & Sanya, who were next in line, were confused as to why Megan & Mikael were stalling at the Yield board. They grew increasingly frustrated. But Megan & Mikael, knowing the train for Jungfraujoch was about to depart, continued to hold up the line so the other teams could not get ahead before ultimately Yielding Mlee & Quoc Anh. Not knowing Tia & Fay were in an alliance with Megan & Mikael, Mlee & Quoc Anh decided to Yield Martina & Phil who were right behind them and would have to wait out the time together.

At the ticket booth, Megan & Mikael decided to buy tickets for Tia & Fay. Rachel & Elissa and Jak & Sanya cried foul at what they called “cutting in line.” Megan & Mikael brushed them off and they were able to run to the train with Tia & Fay and Danica & Ciara just as it was about to depart. Rachel & Elissa and Jak & Sanya can’t believe Megan & Mikael’s attitude.

Rachel & Elissa and Jak & Sanya joined Mlee & Quoc Anh and Martina & Phil while waiting out the Yield which equaled the wait time for the next train, 30 minutes later. Upset at what the leading three teams did, the four teams agreed to a loose alliance to target the three in the future.

That time would come very fast as the now-called “Four Pack” were able to catch up to the leading three teams on the train to the Eiger. The two sides didn’t speak to each other as they got onto different cars in the train. The Four Pack ended up getting on the best car which stopped right in front of the clue box for the Road Block.

That allowed the Four Pack to complete the Road Block first and also get onto a train back to Kleine Scheidegg before any of the three were able to join them.

The Four Pack decided to stick together on the way to the cheese and they helped each other down the hill. They are able to leave together just as the unnamed trio arrive.

As ALL teams had trouble keeping their cheese on their sleds, the ALL U-Turn was activated on the next Leg.

The Four Pack all decided on the accordion Detour in the hopes of helping each other as well. They reasoned that they could help each other learn the accordion while they couldn’t help each other make violin plates.

The unnamed trio decided on the violin side of the Detour.

Rachel & Elissa were struggling the most with the accordion, but the Four Pack agreed that they wouldn’t wait for each other here and instead would try and push the other three out in the final Route Markers of the Leg.

At the violin Detour, Megan & Mikael, sensing they were in trouble, tried to lead Tia & Fay astray with their work. Tia & Fay still finished before Megan & Mikael.

But the newlyweds find the piano player first and when they run into Tia & Fay, they lie and tell them they haven’t found it yet, even pointing them in the wrong direction. Once Tia & Fay were out of sight, Megan & Mikael rushed to their Kia Niro and hurried to the Pit Stop. Realizing what just happened, Tia & Fay could not believe they had just been duped by a team they had put their trust in. They quickly find the piano player and hurry over to the Pit Stop.

Megan & Mikael, who were directionally challenged for every self-driving Leg so far, fell behind. So much so that Tia & Fay were just behind them on the way to the Pit Stop. It was another footrace to the Mat and it was Megan & Mikael who survived and Tia & Fay eliminated.

Tia & Fay were very frustrated at Megan & Mikael and say this is probably karma for their hasty decisions earlier in the Leg. The best friends say they regret teaming up with Megan & Mikael who do not offer any defense of their perceived actions from the Leg.

Liege, Belgium to Zurich, Switzerland
Lindenhof (Zurich)
Chapel Bridge (Lucerne)
Lion Monument (Lucerne)
Church of St. Leodegar (Lucerne)
Lucerne, Switzerland
Sigriswil Panorama Bridge (Sigriswil)
Stockhorn, Switzerland
Hotel Bellevue des Alpes (Kleine Scheidegg)
Kleine Scheidegg to Jungfraujoch
Jungfraujoch to Eigerwand
North Face, Eiger
Jungfraujoch to Kleine Scheidegg
Kleine Rugen Wiese (Interlaken)
Brunngasse (Brienz) or Brienz Violin School (Brienz)
Harbor Istelwald, Lake Brienz (Brienz)
Two Lakes Bridge, Harder Kulm (Unterseen, Bern)

ROAD BLOCK #11: Who wants a good view of the Hinterstockensee?
Danica 6 – 5 Ciara
Mlee 5 – 6 Quoc Anh
Rachel 5 – 6 Elissa
Megan 5 – 6 Mikael
Jak 6 – 4 Sanya
Martina 6 – 5 Phil
Tia 6 – 5 Fay
Arthur 5 – 5 Rochelle
Boobay 5 – 4 Tekla
Kean 4 – 3 Chynna
Tom 3 – 3 Tyler
Dave 2 – 2 Irina
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
ROAD BLOCK #12: Who’s only got 5 Road Blocks?
Mlee 6 – 6 Quoc Anh
Martina 6 – 6 Phil
Jak 6 – 5 Sanya
Rachel 6 – 6 Elissa
Danica 6 – 6 Ciara
Tia 6 – 6 Fay
Megan 6 – 6 Mikael
Arthur 5 – 5 Rochelle
Boobay 5 – 4 Tekla
Kean 4 – 3 Chynna
Tom 3 – 3 Tyler
Dave 2 – 2 Irina
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Mlee & Quoc Anh
Martina & Phil
Jak & Sanya
Rachel & Elissa
Danica & Ciara
Tia & Fay
Megan & Mikael
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicates team switched Detours at least once.
Check-in at Pit Stop
Two Lakes Bridge, Harder Kulm, Switzerland
Martina & Phil – 5:17pm
Mlee & Quoc Anh – 5:25pm
Danica & Ciara – 5:35pm
Jak & Sanya – 5:38pm
Rachel & Elissa – 5:50pm
Megan & Mikael – 6:13pm
Tia & Fay – 6:14pm

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