The Amazing Race Philippines vs The World (DryedMangoez Edition Season 20) Race Tracker – Leg 7

Casino de Spa (Spa)
Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps (Stavelot)
Musee de la Lessive (Spa) or Les Thermes de Spa (Spa)
Musee de la Ville D’Eaux (Spa)
Musee de la Vie Wallonne (Liege)
Montagne de Bueren (Liege)
Liege-Guillemins (Liege)

Mlee & Quoc Anh Raced to their first full Leg victory. Their dominant run from beginning to end, including the fastest tire change time at the Double Road Block, won them P400,000 courtesy of Shell V-Power Nitro+.

On the other end, another Filipino team bid farewell as previous winners Arthur & Rochelle could not pull ahead from the back of the pack.

At the start of the Leg, several teams were lucky at roulette. Mlee & Quoc Anh were able to begin building their lead when they doubled their money on their first try. Rachel & Elissa and Danica & Ciara also scored a lucky spin of the wheel, allowing them to move up a few spots. Martina & Phil, arriving last at the casino, bet on black and got themselves out of last place while the other teams were waiting out their penalties for losing all their chips.

The Double Road Block challenged teams and it took all of them a few tries to get the Grand Prix winners correct. Mlee’s sharp eyes and memorization skills and Quoc Anh’s winning pit stop performance helped pad their lead even more.

At the Detour, the quicker choice proved to be the laundry side, allowing the four teams who chose it to finish before any of the spa teams.

The needle in a haystack Road Block, however, allowed teams to catch back up. And the hunt for puppets further distanced teams who had managed to climb back up the standings.

The step counting tripped up all teams as none got the correct answer on their first or even second tries.

In the end, Arthur & Rochelle fell too far behind and were eliminated.

Casino de Spa
Mlee & Quoc Anh – DOUBLED
Tia & Fay – LOSS
Rachel & Elissa – DOUBLED
Danica & Ciara – DOUBLED
Martina & Phil – DOUBLED
Jak & Sanya – LOSS
Megan & Mikael – LOSS
Arthur & Rochelle – LOSS
(in order of departure)
Mlee & Quoc Anh MLEE QUOC ANH 1st
Tia & Fay TIA FAY 3rd
Danica & Ciara CIARA DANICA 5th
Jak & Sanya SANYA JAK 2nd
Rachel & Elissa ELISSA RACHEL 6th
Martina & Phil MARTINA PHIL 4th
Megan & Mikael MIKAEL MEGAN 8th
Arthur & Rochelle ARTHUR ROCHELLE 7th
Mlee & Quoc Anh
Tia & Fay
Jak & Sanya
Martina & Phil
Danica & Ciara
Rachel & Elissa
Megan & Mikael
Arthur & Rochelle
Teams listed in order of Detour completion.
> or < indicates team switched Detours at least once.
ROAD BLOCK #10: Who’s got the look?
Mlee 5 – 5 Quoc Anh
Martina 6 – 4 Phil
Jak 5 – 4 Sanya
Rachel 5 – 5 Elissa
Danica 5 – 5 Ciara
Tia 5 – 5 Fay
Megan 4 – 6 Mikael
Arthur 5 – 5 Rochelle
Boobay 5 – 4 Tekla
Kean 4 – 3 Chynna
Tom 3 – 3 Tyler
Dave 2 – 2 Irina
Bold teammate indicates who performed this Road Block.
Road Block counts are as of this Road Block.
Montagne de Bueren, Liege
Number of guesses and order of departure
Mlee & Quoc Anh – 3
Jak & Sanya – 5
Tia & Fay – 7
Rachel & Elissa – 6
Danica & Ciara – 7
Megan & Mikael – 3
Martina & Phil – 5
Arthur & Rochelle – 6
Check-in at Pit Stop
Liege-Guillemins – Liege, Belgium
Mlee & Quoc Anh – 4:35pm
Jak & Sanya – 5:01pm
Tia & Fay – 5:05pm
Rachel & Elissa – 5:21pm
Danica & Ciara – 5:26pm
Megan & Mikael – 5:46pm
Martina & Phil – 5:55pm
Arthur & Rochelle – 6:18pm

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