Music Monday, June 29, 2020 – Meet Demian

Demian Sohn Jeong Hyeok

For my first Music Monday, I’d like to introduce you to a talented Korean singer-songwriter, Demian.

Signed with Sony Music Entertainment Korea, Demian debuted March 11, 2020 with the single “Cassette” and just released his comeback track “Karma” last week.

I’m not too sure how I first found Demian’s “Cassette.” But it might have popped up in my YouTube recommendations on the day of release. When it comes to K-pop, I always like checking out debuts and new releases, even from artists I’m not a die-hard fan of or don’t regularly listen to. (I’ll talk more about that on a future Monday.)

So I clicked through to Demian’s “Cassette” and was immediately wowed. The vibe of the song was right up my alley. It definitely had a unique sound to most of what you hear in K-pop and that drew me in even more. Demian himself oozed charisma in the music video and his voice was perfect for the song.

Needless to say, I definitely subscribed to his YouTube channel and followed his social media accounts to keep tabs on an artist I had a very good feeling about.

Born Sohn Jeong Hyeok, Demian had been posting covers and original songs on his Soundcloud and personal YouTube channel before signing with Sony Music.

“Romaine!,” is particularly great and in a similar vibe to his debut “Cassette” and his just-released comeback track “Karma.”

He considers “run away” the first song he “was satisfied to listen to [himself].” The laid back nature of the song presents another side of him that would be exciting to see more of in the future.

While “Cassette” was a little bit more emotional, maybe a little calmer, “Karma” is a bit higher tempo. But it is still representative of the sound and style Demian would like to offer up to the audience.

The visuals in the music video are no joke and it compliments the song’s atmosphere perfectly.

If you weren’t convinced by “Cassette,” perhaps “Karma” will do it. Demian is definitely an artist to watch moving forward.

Demian goes live on his Instagram account @demian_isme every week to communicate with fans. And those IG Lives have been a great way to get to know him as person and as an artist. (For non-Korean speakers, no worries. Having lived in Canada for two years, Demian speaks English. And he is kind enough to translate himself during his IG Lives for those of us not fluent in Korean.)

He will also begin uploading “DAILY:AN” vlogs on Mondays and Fridays on his YouTube channel.

To find out more about Demian’s inspiration for his music and career, here is a great interview with The ICONtv:

His “Home Party” livestream to celebrate the release of “Karma” also shows Demian in a more relaxed setting as well:

If you would like to follow Demian, here are his social media accounts:
Instagram (Official)
Instagram (Personal)

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