Good Ol’ Review: Short and Sweet “Have a Nice Dessert” a Refreshing Treat

Good Ol’ Review: Short and Sweet “Have a Nice Dessert” a Refreshing Treat

No spoilers.

Web series Have a Nice Dessert (#좋맛탱: 좋은 맛에 취하다 /Drunk in Good Taste) is a fun and breezy romcom that you can enjoy in small portions or in one delicious splurge.

The series follows Jung Cheong Nam (Kim Hyang Gi) as she navigates being a freshman in college while also maintaining her popular foodie Instagram account. She meets and becomes friends with Lee Yeon Nam (Kim Min Kyu) and the romance develops.

With ten episodes of around 15 minutes each, the series is easily enjoyed whether watching each episode as a cute little vignette or watching the entire series like a two-and-a-half-hour movie.

Have a Nice Dessert doesn’t reinvent the romcom by any means. But Kim Min Kyu and Kim Hyang Gi are just too charming to stay away from. They easily pull you in to their budding relationship while also touching (though barely) on different, easily relatable everyday dilemmas for young college students.

It’s a simple premise and has a relaxed, easy-going vibe. But the quick visit with these characters plays off like a nice slice of life story. And the overall feel of the series, from visuals to writing to performances, support that aspect.

If you are perhaps looking for a breather from longer and heavier dramas or just looking for something short and very sweet, Have a Nice Dessert is definitely something tasty for you.

You can watch the entire series here:

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