Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 43 – Mother of the Druidon

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

A still-sad Kureon stumbles upon Waizuru’s heart card and picks it up, hiding it from Saden who approaches Pricious.

Pricious says with the help of Ryusoul Calibur, Heras’ wound is healed and his brother will be born. Kureon watches from around the corner as a Druidon pops out of the glowing orb that is Heras.

Pricious names his new brother Gunjoji and says Heras-sama will continue birthing new Druidons.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Over in the forest, Bamba is training while having flashbacks of his youth under the tutelage of Master Black. He has to hurry into the city and meet the others when Gunjoji begins rampaging.

Pricious explains that Gunjoji has just been born from Heras who is their mother. The name sounds familiar for Bamba. But before he can try and remember more, the Ryusoulgers must henshin and take on Saden and Gunjoji.

Canalo uses Ryusoul Calibur and Koh goes Max, but Pricious just waves his hand and knocks the Ryusoulgers to their knees. Gunjoji suddenly embiggens. Koh summons Tyramigo, Pteradon and Pachygaroo to form KishiryuOh Jet.

But Pteradon gets one look at Pricious and is terrified, forcing them to un-gattai.

Melto realizes it was Pricious who sealed away Pteradon. They summon the other Kishiryu, but Pricious and Co. retreat.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Back home, Pii-tan is in Oto’s arms, terrified of Pricious. The Ryusoulgers try to figure out who Heras could be. Bamba tells them he remembers Master Black mentioning Heras before. He asks Melto to use KotaeSoul on him so they can see the memory and hopefully learn more.

Bamba remembers Master Black teaching him how to properly use his sword and to figure out his limits, avoiding to overexert himself. Bamba says he wants to quickly become as strong as Master Black.

Master Black asks what he would do with that strength. Bamba does not immediately answer.

A couple of years later, Master Black hands Bamba the Black Ryusoul and Ryusoul Ken. He says Bamba already possesses the soul to be able to use both. And more importantly, he has learned what is important to him and has the strength to protect it.

Bamba realizes that is Towa and Master Black says they must stay together, especially as he is giving Towa the Green Ryusoul instead of Bada. Master Black says Towa has the light in him that neither he nor Bamba have.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Master Black tells Bamba his mission to the end is to protect Towa.

But one day, Master Black seems to have turned on him. Master Black tried to take the Black Ryusoul back, but he and Bamba battle over it. Master Black says Bamba has failed to protect anything, including Towa.

Master Black knocks Bamba to the ground. And as he walks away, Master Black says he must protect Heras.

Towa does not want to believe it and is upset Bamba never told him.

Pii-tan says Master Black must be on the Druidon’s side. Bamba storms out and Towa goes after him.

Papa Naohisa arrives and Seto takes over his body to explain that Heras is a great power. Their ancestors had put Heras to sleep using Ryusoul Calibur. But then why did Seto direct them to pull Ryusoul Calibur out, allowing Heras to revive.

Seto explains that Heras had begun absorbing the power of Ryusoul Calibur. If they had not taken the sword, Heras would’ve sucked up all of it and would be impossible to defeat after.

Seto does not know how to defeat Heras, but they are running out of time.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Koh, Melto, Asuna and Canalo decide to train so they can destroy Heras for good. Melto and Asuna plan to hold back Pricious while Koh and Canalo destroy Heras.

Oto comes running, worried about her brother. She says Canalo should not fight and they should just run away.

Koh tries to keep a positive mind and they talk about what they can do together after this is all over. Oto, however, is extremely worried, especially for Canalo and Melto-kun.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Oto asks Melto if he cares about her.

Later that evening, Towa remains by his brother’s side before the six Ryusoulgers reunite the next morning.

The Ryusoulgers plan to storm the castle in the sky where they believe Heras to be.

Saden and Gunjoji meet the Ryusoulgers as they approach the castle. The Ryusoulgers henshin.

A worried Oto watches as the Ryusoulgers take on an army of Drunns before chasing after Gunjoji who runs off. Saden pops up behind Oto and takes her hostage, dragging her back to Pricious.

Pricious introduces Gunjoji to his younger brother, identical to him, who just pops out of Eras.

Pricious congratulations Saden on capturing Oto and flashes a heart card to him.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 43 Recap

Episode Thoughts

I don’t know what’s going on with Ryusoulger!

I know I should be feeling the rising tension and feel like this really is the final arc. But I’m not. This all feels like an early 30s plot instead of the final arc. I don’t feel the gravity of the situation. I don’t feel why Oto is so worried she thinks they’re all going to die. I don’t feel any impending danger from Eras or think that its (her?) presence is at all intimidating. Or even ominous.

I feel like everything’s come to a screeching halt and there’s something off about the writing of these final episodes. Things feel so abrupt and out of nowhere that it’s hard to truly care about what’s happening. Or at least think that this is a big climactic arc.

Perhaps the lack of clear endgame is finally catching up to the show. And I think I’ve mentioned before how that wasn’t such a problem for me since I enjoyed a lot of what the show was offering. But now I feel that having a clear endgame would’ve helped with maintaining the excitement of the late 30s while building up a truly exciting final arc.

For now, I’m not really getting that vibe. The mystery with Master Black and the introduction of Eras as Mommy Druidon both feel so hollow and out of place. Like, I don’t feel as shocked as I know they were intended to be.

It’s also strange that the most interesting part of the episode, to me, was Kureon finding Wiserue’s card and the possibility of using Heras to revive him.

I dunno. It was an okay episode with some nice action sequences here and there. But overall, it just lacks a lot of clear development to truly be impactful as we continue into this final arc. I hope the final episodes can pull everything together.

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