Recap: Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger, Episode 27 – The Unrivaled Fists

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Tyramigo accompanies Koh, Melto, Asuna and Nada to the new temple location knowing it contains his greatest pai-sem Pachygaroo. Tyramigo embiggens and chomps at the rockface, immediately revealing Pachygaroo.

But before Pachygaroo can join them, he wants them to search for his child.

Back in town, Kureon is annoyed at the Minosaur not growing at all. Waizuru suggests Kureon build the birther up before dropping her, maximizing the entertainment factor of her despair.

Suddenly, they are both shocked when Gachireus appears, perfectly fine. He reveals that he escaped to space and met someone who wants to take the world for themselves. But Gachireus says he won’t allow that.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Meanwhile, Koh believes he’s found the location of Pachygaroo’s child, Chibigaroo. He is ready to jump down a manhole, but Nada stops him.

Nada thinks Koh is just eager to have Pachygaroo join their team, but Koh says he mostly wants to reunite the father and child the most. Still, Nada says as leader, Koh shouldn’t just risk his life like that. Instead, Koh should let Melto or Asuna handle the dangerous mission.

Koh says Nada is wrong. It doesn’t matter who the leader is or who is number one because he, Melto and Asuna are one team.

Before everyone knows it, Koh leaps down into the hole and immediately finds Chibigaroo.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Koh introduces himself, but Chibigaroo tests him with some punches which Koh is able to dodge. Chibigaroo is impressed to know the Ryusoul Tribe exists and is pretty good.

Chibigaroo is excited to meet its father. Koh uses ChiisaSoul to shrink Chibigaroo down to size so he can take it safely in his shirt back up the hole.

Nearby, Kureon and the Minosaur approach the birther. But Canalo, Towa and Bamba arrive. Kureon summons some Drunns.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Gachireus arrives and Melto and Asuna henshin. Gachireus says he will bury Koh and Chibigaroo in the hole so they won’t be able to have the Kishiryu.

Koh vows to reunite Chibigaroo and its father. But a huge rock causes him to lose his grip. He quickly uses his blade to stop their fall and tells Chibigaroo to make its way out of the hole itself.

Chibigaroo asks how about Koh. Koh says he’ll figure something out, but parents shouldn’t be separated from their kids. Chibigaroo is sad to leave Koh, but Koh tosses Chibigaroo up as another round of rocks begin falling down the hole. Chibigaroo leaps from rock to rock, but gets knocked off one. Koh calls for Melto.

Melto is able to reach in and grab Chibigaroo. Asuna tells him to hurry Chibigaroo over to its father.

Asuna and Tyramigo try to deal with Gachireus, but they are overpowered. Gachireus then further tries to bury Koh in the hole.

Back to Kureon, he is able to successfully drive the birther to despair. That allows the Minosaur to fully embiggen. Canalo calls for Mosa Rex and he hops into Kishiryu Neptune.

Melto is able to reunite the father and child. Chibigaroo hops into Pachygaroo who then bursts out of the rockface. Melto asks them to help defeat the Minosaur while he returns to help Koh.

But Chibigaroo tells him to wait as it gives Melto something.

Koh continues to get buried in the hole and Asuna, Tyramigo and Canalo are struggling as well. But Asuna says this is not over yet.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Melto arrives and uses the new DoshinSoul to uphenshin to Doshin Armor. Gachireus has no response to the powerful new armor and Melto is able to overpower him.

Melto uses the Doshin fists to dig into the ground and raise Koh out of the hole. Koh grabs his blade on the way up and henshins.

Gachireus is very upset. He retreats before Koh can deliver a finishing blow.

Pachygaroo and Chibigaroo arrive and help in the battle against the Minosaur. Koh, Melto and Asuna hop into KishiryuOh Three Knights and then combine with the father and child to form KishiryuOh Pachygaroo.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Melto gives Koh the DoshinSoul to uphenshin and they battle with the Minosaur in the ring, finishing it off with a Boost Break Blow.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

By the water, Nada thinks about Koh saying it’s not about who’s #1. Nada looks up to Master Red to tell him he was right all along.

Kishiryu Sentai Ryusoulger Episode 27 Recap

Canalo is sitting with the Minosaur birther as she wakes up. He thinks she still needs comforting, but she quickly recovers and thanks him for his help.

Back at Waizuru’s hideout, Gachireus arrives to find Gaisorg who says he should’ve asked for help instead of struggling like that. Gachireus says he will tear Gaisorg’s armor off. But Gaisorg says even if he takes the armor off, he will never be free of it.

Episode Thoughts

A simple, but good episode. The main focus was definitely the teamwork. Koh made clear he wasn’t the leader, but that they were one team. It was great to see and the events of the episode supported that. Each one of them contributed to help successfully take care of the situation.

I most enjoyed seeing Melto get to use a new power-up first. And that definitely fit in with overall theme of the episode where no one Ryusoulger takes priority over the other.

The introduction of Pachygaroo and Chibigaroo also worked with that theme as they are a father-child pair as well.

I also thought it was funny how Bamba thought Kureon’s master plan with the Minosaur was to cause war around the world by taking people’s kindness. And Kureon was like “Uh… no.” Sometimes not everything the villains do is one grand plan. Lol

And the final scene with Canalo, Towa and Bamba was fun too.

Also at the end. Interesting scene with Nada and him continuing to understandn what Master Red saw in Koh and is now learning from Koh and the others. While some interesting tidbits from Gachireus and Gaisorg as well.

Overall, a good episode.

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