Recap: Super Sentai Strongest Battle, Episode 2 – The Secretive Armor of Mystery

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

As Stinger and Takaharu battle Gaisorg, Marvelous arrives. But he gets knocked back by Gaisorg. Gaisorg attempts a finisher at Marvelous, but Takaharu blocks it and absorbs the attack instead, forcing him to demorph.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Marvelous is upset and says Takaharu got in the way. Stinger grabs Marvelous and tells him to cut it out.

Rita happily watches the stones getting gathered up. Gaisorg approaches her, having been summoned. She wants to know why he is here wreaking havoc without an invitation. But Gaisong actually does have one.

Kagura helps bandage Takaharu up. Yamato asks Marvey-chan if he’s going to just disregard Takaharu risking his life to save him. Marvelous doesn’t respond.

Yamato gets up and scolds Marvelous for being rude by ignoring it. Takaharu says it’s alright, but Yamato says it’s not at all and tells him to shut up.

Yamato says fate has brought them together as comrades with an understanding of a bond of trust between them all. Yamato flashes back to when he first met who seemed to be a very different Marvelous from the one he’s seeing now.

Marvelous says he’ll only work with them to obtain a treasure and use Super Sentai power if it benefits him. Yamato asks if treasure is the only thing that’s important to Marvelous. He says yes.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Takaharu gets up and tells everyone to watch him. He squeezes his arm to make it look like a butt, just to lighten the mood. Kagura says he’s gross.

Rita pops up on the screen to announce Gaisorg is now joining the tournament as a Wild Card and will pop up wherever he can make things interesting.

Stinger points out Gaisorg only wants to battle the strongest so he should have no interest in the wish granting gem. Yamato says now more than ever they must work together. But Marvelous could care less. He leaves.

Yamato wants to follow, but Takaharu says to leave Marvelous to him instead. Kagura says that’s even more worrisome so she follows with Takaharu’s clothes.

Stinger excuses himself to go check on something else. Yamato acknowledges they’re truly oddballs.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

While everyone else is gone, Rita announces the start of the next round and this time it’s a 3-on-3 tag team battle. Yamato is chosen along with Stinger and Marvelous. Yamato asks Rita if he can fight alone against his three opponents.

Meanwhile in the corridors, Marvelous remembers Akarenger giving him his key. Kagura watches as Takaharu runs up to Kaizoku-san to try and get him to smile.

Takaharu says he will give up if this next thing won’t do it.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Takaharu does a Shuriken Ninpou Gyoza attack. That is, fold his ear over to look like a gyoza. That actually does make Marvelous smile. Kagura joins them and says the smile means Marvelous isn’t a bad guy after all. She asks what Marvy-chan’s treasure is.

Takaharu says his treasure is his family. He tells them about how he fights alongside his sister and cousins and them aiming to become the Last Ninja. Marvelous says he’s a dumbass. Takaharu says Marvelous is a leader, but he’s not acting like one.

Takaharu adds that he wants to see Marvelous get his treasure. He and Kagura are happy he’s loosened up.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle Super Sentai Strongest Battle

On the battlefield, Yamato faces GaoRed, Kakaru along with GingaGreen and VulShark. Kagura, Takaharu and Marvelous return to their room and are shocked to see Yamato fighting alone.

Though Yamato struggles against his opponents, he refuses to give up his promise. Kakaru asks what his promise is.

Yamato explains that he met a boy with a terminal illness who enjoyed drawing pictures of animals. Yamato had promised to take him to the savanna to see them in person, but the little boy died before he could do so.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Yamato hopes to wish to be able to bring Takaaki’s soul back, even for just a short while and fulfill his promise to him.

Yamato gets fired up and is able to really take on his three opponents. He goes Gorilla and Whale and is able to grab the stone.

Kagura, Takaharu and Marvelous are happy to see Marvelous win this round. Takaharu says he’ll go and help Yamato back.

Kakaru says Yamato is passionate which is fitting for a Red. No one will follow a leader who isn’t passionate, even though some only appear to be indifferent. That makes Yamato think about Marvelous.

Kakaru says the trust they build as a team is what unites all Super Sentai teams. And all a Red needs to do is to trust their teammates and never give up.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Takaharu hurries through the corridors, but suddenly runs into Gaisorg.

Yamato arrives back at their room, but without Takaharu. Marvelous gets up to go find him, but Yamato grabs his shoulder. Kagura tells Yamato that Marvelous isn’t a bad guy.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

But Yamato actually just wants to apologize for not trusting Marvelous earlier, especially after they had already met before. Yamato bows twice, but he is still weak. Marvelous seems touched by them all.

Rita pops in and decides to deploy Gaisorg to Battlefield 4 as the battle has been going on for quite a while. Marvelous hurries over and leaves Yamato to Kagura.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Rita seems to address a group of people as she expresses how excited she is the wish will be granted sooner.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Stinger, meanwhile, unsuccessfully tries contacting Tsurugi. He searches through the corridors and finds a strange vine-like contraption with technology that shouldn’t exist on this planet. He then enters a library where it appears Rita has been researching all Super Sentai teams.

Gaisorg is able to easily handle Red Mask, RyuuRanger, NinjaWhite and OhRed. Gaisorg knocks RyuuRanger back and he is able to touch the stone, allowing it to get transported.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Marvelous arrives and he morphs. He Gokai Changes to DekaRed and then HurricaneRed. Marvelous is surprised when Gaisorg’s ninja stance reminds him of Takaharu from earlier.

Marvelous is able to counter it, forcing Gaisorg to drop his shield. That allows Marvelous to deliver a Final Wave. That knocks Gaisorg’s helmet off to reveal…

Super Sentai Strongest Battle


Another Ryusoulger tease.

Episode Thoughts

So this was actually a very emotional episode because of Yamato’s wish. And it was not only because it was a very sad situation for Yamato and the little boy.

But because it seemed to be speaking about Super Sentai in general. Kakaru asked Yamato why he insists on continuing even in his condition (when Yamato was already all beat up). Sentai is certainly not in the healthiest condition lately. And there’s talk that Ryusoulger is Do or Die for the franchise.

But Yamato explains that he’s made a promise to a little boy. And Yamato’s wish is almost like the show wanting to keep fighting for all the kids and kids at heart who enjoy watching Super Sentai.

Now, of course we know Sentai (and Kamen Rider and Power Rangers) are big toy commercials. But at the same time, these shows are fun, entertainment, an escape and even more for many people around the world. It means a lot to many people. So I definitely hope Sentai will continue for years to come.

Back to this episode, I still haven’t learned my lesson about doing what I can to avoid spoilers. Especially for a season/show I’m invested in. So a couple of days ago, I stumbled upon a screencap of Takaharu in Gaisorg’s suit! It was my fault, but I was still so upset. Lol

Anyway, I did mention how odd Takaharu seemed last week. But there’s definitely something else going on there. So we’ll see what the big explanation is next episode for Takaharu being in Gaisorg’s suit. Also looking forward to see Kagura finally get in on the action as well.

Stinger seems to be on the trail of what’s really going on with this tournament and Rita’s true intentions.

And back to Yamato, I think him wanting to keep his promise to the little boy in the hospital (where his father works of course!) is very much in his character. And Yamato telling the story was really a MaGMCM for me. The first one from Sentai for me since Kyuranger!

Overall, a great, exciting episode!

4 thoughts on “Recap: Super Sentai Strongest Battle, Episode 2 – The Secretive Armor of Mystery

  1. I very liked this episode too. A tear turned in my eye when Yamato revealed his wish. Everyone was touched, even Marvelous 😉 And I’m glad he came to terms with Marvy-chan. I don’t like one thing-Marvelous shouldn’t be so cold. He could be a little nicer for others :/ And he says and does something else LOL
    I wonder what strange Stinger will discover?
    Takaharu was great and funny! I was happy when he was able to make Marvy’s smile.
    That Gaisorg is… Takaharu!? I don’t think so. Maybe someone (or something!) is controlling him? That’s quite posibble 🙂

  2. Just like you, I really enjoyed this eps.! And Yamato’s wish wish is so touching and sweet.

    And just like you, I sincerely hope that Ryusoulger isn’t the end of Super Sentai.

    Oh! And now I am even more excited for eps. 3.

  3. Yamato was really a good choice for the team. Hope to see more of the dynamic of the group in the next episode.

    1. I agree. Zyuohger had a lot of problems for me. But Yamato was not one of them and everything he’s done here is very much in character for him from his season

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