Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 22 – Zi-O Strongest! 2019

Zi-O 22

MirrorSougo taunts Sougo saying that holding on to the Oma power Watch proves that he will not be able to become the “kind” demon king he wishes to be.

MirrorSougo delivers a Mirror Time Time Break at Sougo.

Meanwhile, Tsukuyomi and Geiz are out for a walk. She asks if he’s alright. Geiz says all this time he’s been thinking about defeating Oma Zi-O, but never thinking about what happens afterwards. Tsukuyomi says she didn’t either.

Geiz adds that he thought collateral damage was okay for the greater good, but when ShiroWoz suggested killing the real Kido, he began rethinking his position. And he became sure someone like ShiroWoz has no business being involved in shaping the future.

Tsukuyomi says Sougo feels the same way. She asks Geiz if he thinks Sougo will become the Oma Zi-O they know.

Zi-O 22

Back at the shop, Uncle Junichiro shocked when Sougo suddenly pops out of glass cabinet. Sougo says he came from the mirror world. Uncle Junichiro cannot process so he heads out to deliver a repaired watch.

Sougo explains the mirror world situation to Geiz and Tsukuyomi. Sougo asks Geiz about his idea to defeat Another Ryuga. Geiz explains that there is a short time lag when he delivers a Time Burst so he should be able to defeat Another Ryuga before he can reflect the attack. But the attack will still get reflected anyway afterwards and that would mean DEATH.

Geiz says if there’s no other way, then he’s the only one who can do it. Geiz leaves.

Sougo asks Tsukuyomi why Geiz wants to risk his life to defeat Another Ryuga. She answers that Geiz can’t forgive himself for even considering killing the real Kido like ShiroWoz suggested.

Tsukuyomi says Geiz must have gotten that trait from Sougo. The old Geiz would probably think collateral damage is a necessary evil to defeat the enemy. But Sougo has always tried to save everyone, even if means risking his own life. So Sougo must be having a good influence on Geiz.

Tsukuyomi says she still does not believe Sougo will become the demon king, so she’s not worried about Oma Day.

Zi-O 22

Tsukuyomi leaves and MirrorSougo pops up in the glass. MirrorSougo taunts Sougo some more and suggests he is allowing Geiz to go on a suicide mission. Sougo says he wants to save Geiz as well.

MirrorSougo reasons that Sougo is using Geiz as an excuse to use the Oma power to become Oma Zi-O.

Sougo refuses to accept that, but MirrorSougo continues insisting that Sougo will indeed become the horrible demon king.

Sougo takes the Oma Watch out and sudden flash of gold is seen emerging from it.

Later, Geiz is battling against Another Ryuga. But the reflecting attack is not helping Geiz gain the upper hand. ShiroWoz pops up as Geiz had asked a favor of him; that Geiz would meet Another Ryuga away from Kido Shinji.

ShiroWoz henshins and uphenshins to Shinobi. But he too falls victim to the reflecting attack.

Zi-O 22

Tsukuyomi finds them battling and calls Sougo over. But Sougo says he’s going to find Kido Shinji, saying he is not just an innocent bystander.

Shinji says he has some blame in this since it was his reflection that has become a monster. The MirrorShinji has been attacking ORE Journal readers because Shinji felt that they should’ve supported their website more so it wouldn’t have had to shut down.

Zi-O 22

Shinji recognizes that it is a ridiculous and pathetic grudge, but that he must be feeling that way somewhere deep down. So he wonders if his reflection in the mirror is actually his true self. He doesn’t want to accept that, but he must face this. Otherwise, he will never have a reflection and will feel empty inside and he would never be able to move forward.

MirrorSougo smirks back at Sougo.

Zi-O 22

Outside, MirrorSougo asks Sougo if he’s accepted the fate of becoming a horrible demon king. Sougo repeats that he will not and that he will be kind instead. Sougo accepts he has a good and bad side. That’s who he is.

Sougo says he is afraid of Oma Day, but he is willing to bet on his future self. MirrorSougo hands him a gold colored Zi-O Watch and says only the true king can rule over light and dark and past and future.

Sougo holds the two Watches in his hands and they pull together.

Zi-O 22

Another Ryuga is completely overpowering both Geiz and ShiroWoz. Geiz decides it’s time he use his finisher. Tsukuyomi screams after him to not do it.

But Geiz quickly delivers a Time Burst finisher at Another Ryuga. But the attack reflects back at Geiz, forcing him to dehenshin. His Watch is destroyed.

Zi-O 22

Tsukuyomi runs over to Geiz and holds him in her arms. He dies.

Another Ryuga has survived. Just then, Sougo arrives. He says he’s already seen this future. He holds up the new Watch and they are suddenly back a few minutes earlier.

Geiz is about to deliver the Time Burst finisher, but time suddenly rewinds. KuroWoz is very excited as this is Oma Zi-O’s power.

Zi-O 22

Sougo comes in saying this was his decision. He activates the new Watch and henshins to Zi-O II.

Zi-O 22

Sougo says he accepts the good and bad, the light and dark. And that all of that he will use to open a path to the future.

KuroWoz excitedly makes the proclamation.

Sougo uses his new sword to take it to Another Ryuga, even able to destroy the mirror he uses to reflect attacks. Sougo uses another new power that can see Another Ryuga’s moves seconds after and he uses that to defend himself and send the attacks back.

Sougo then delivers a Zi-O Strongest Supreme King Giri before finishing Another Ryuga with a Strongest Finish Time King Girigiri Slash finisher.

MirrorShinji is released from Another Ryuga. Sougo says Shinji has accepted him just like Sougo accepts his dark side. He asks MirrorShinji to accept regular Shinji.

Zi-O 22

Later, Shinji visits his Editor in Chief and says they should accept the past so they can move forward in the future. They shake hands and promise to stick together. Shinji is happy to see he has a reflection now.

Zi-O 22

That evening, Tsukuyomi and Geiz discuss the developments with Sougo today. They recognize the power he used as that of Oma Zi-O. Geiz says it is his fault for leading Sougo towards becoming Oma Zi-O. Tsukuyomi says meddling with time or people’s lives is unforgivable.

All Sougo has done is accept who he is, including the possibility that he may become Oma Zi-O. Nothing has changed. But Tsukuyomi says they only have one choice left. She asks Geiz if he agrees.

KuroWoz happily proclaims Sougo has taken the first tangible step toward becoming Oma Zi-O.

Zamigo A mysterious new Rider appears.

Zi-O 22

Episode Thoughts

Another pretty good episode. It’s been very interesting seeing the show piece together all the moral dilemmas that come with time travel, changing history and everything involving Sougo, Tsukuyomi and Geiz’s complicated relationship.

This Ryuki arc really did a great job of talking about what makes someone whole. Everyone has a good and bad side. A light and dark side. Certainly not a new theme or idea to either Sentai or Kamen Rider. But with regards to Zi-O’s story, it was a good way to address the question of how nice present-day Sougo could ever become Oma Zi-O.

We have Shinji who knows that holding a grudge against readers is a petty thing, but deep down, he still feels some kind of resentment. Even just a little bit.

And so we have our parallels with Geiz and especially Sougo. At the end of the day, both of them, maybe more so Sougo, conclude that despite thinking about something or even considering something for a split second, that doesn’t necessarily paint the whole picture of what they believe.

Sougo may not 100% rule out the possibility of becoming a demon king. But he believes in himself more that he can overcome that small chance. And Sougo’s attitude, as we’ve seen, has influenced Geiz very much.

Accepting ourselves, even our flaws, is certainly a nice message. And it fits very well in the ongoing story here on Zi-O.

Tsukuyomi and Geiz not thinking about what happens after they stop Oma Zi-O is kinda strange though. Still interesting since of course one would assume a better world if Oma Zi-O never rises to power. But obviously, they can’t be sure. And they’ve mentioned several times about the dangers and consequence of changing history. Would be nice to see them explore the idea of them maybe not having thought things through before flying back to 2018.

So overall, a pretty good Ryuki arc with nice character moments.

Also, I’m definitely excited to see Jingi Irie next week after being so horribly wasted on LuPat. Very *wink*wink* too having him playing Kamen Rider Kikaider. He was pretty good as Kikaider. Too bad Toei never followed up the reboot movie.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 22 – Zi-O Strongest! 2019

  1. I agree, it was very instructive episode. Everyone have good and dark side and we should accept ourselves as we are! Very good, that Shinji reunited with his boss. I really like Sougo’s new form, but I’m most happy Sougo accepted himself and Geiz and Tsukuyomi finally started to use their heads! LOL
    And interesting thing, we can see next time Zamigo, I mean his actor in action! LOL

  2. It’s amazing how the head writer for this series is the same one that did Ninninger. Yet this series is a big step forward from that.

    1. Oh! I forgot about that. I did enjoy Ninninger and it had a good premise. But I think Zi-O lends itself to having more freedom to explore different themes and concepts without feeling disjointed. It’s been great so far.

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