Recap: Kamen Rider Zi-O, Episode 15 – Back to 2068

Zi-O 15

Sougo comes down for breakfast and Geiz immediately grabs him from behind and points a loaf of bread at his neck. Geiz reiterates that he originally came here to 2018 to stop Sougo from destroying the world. But the arrival of Tsukasa has changed things.

Geiz tries to plead with Sougo to give up the belt so he will never become Oma Zi-O. Sougo says he can’t do that since he set on becoming a kind demon king.

Uncle Junichiro comes in with the rest of breakfast and Tsukuyomi asks Sougo what made him want to become king. Sougo says he’s always felt that he was meant to become king.

Zi-O 15

Uncle Junichiro tells Sougo to tell them about his dream. Before he can, Woz appears and asks if Uncle Junichiro can fix another broken clock of his. Uncle gets right to it.

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi want to know what Woz is up to with working with the TimeJackers. But he says there’s no time for that with what’s happening right at this very minute.

Zi-O 15

Woz leads them outside to show them Tokyo is being attacked by large robos: Dai Mazines! Tsukuyomi says Oma Zi-O used these things to burn the world. Sougo recognizes them from his dream.

They check the news and see Dai Mazines have popped up in other big cities around the world.

Woz reads from his book to confirm to Sougo that Oma Zi-O used seven of these Dai Mazines to destroy the world. Geiz wants Sougo to explain this dream he had.

Sougo says he would repeatedly have a strange dream as a child where he saw these very machines laying waste to the world and killing millions of people. He was helpless at the time. That is, until a mysterious man in a hat with no face appeared to tell Sougo that his mission is to become king and save the world.

Since those dreams, Sougo decided he would become king one day.

Zi-O 15

Just then, one of Oma Zi-O’s lackeys, Kasshiin, jumps out of a portal. He is here, under orders from his overlord, to kill Geiz and Tsukuyomi. He tells Sougo to stay back since he was the one who ordered this, after all.

As Kasshiin grabs Geiz, Tsukuyomi kicks him out of the way and she and Geiz are able to run to safety. Kasshiin chases after them.

Woz says the time has come and there is no turning back for his demon king now.

Zi-O 15

Schwartz and Heure are watching the destruction from a rooftop. Schwartz says all of this is happening ahead of schedule from the original timeline. He wonders if Oma Zi-O noticed their interference and accelerated Oma Day. Heure worries Zi-O will be unstoppable now, but Schwartz says that’s why they have the guy Woz recommended to them.

Zi-O 15

Tsukasa takes photos of the Dai Mazine terrorizing parts of Tokyo and he asks what would happen if he defeats Sougo. Ora replies they would avoid the worst case scenario. Tsukasa says there’s no question about what must be done then.

Tsukoyomi and Geiz are safe inside a warehouse. Geiz says he’ll have to make a decision now. He first came to this time ready to do anything to stop the future. But he saw Sougo was different and couldn’t possibly see how he could become Oma Zi-O. He had hope, which is why he tried to get Sougo to give up his belt earlier.

But now, Geiz has decided it’s time to settle this once and for all.

Zi-O 15

Sougo is able to find them, but Geiz tells him to stay back as he henshins. Geiz charges toward Sougo. But Kasshiin arrives to protect his demon king.

Sougo tries to get Kasshiin to stop and says Geiz is not his enemy. But Kasshiin refuses to obey his overlord’s orders as he believes he is doing this for his sake.

Sougo henshins to try and help Geiz. But Tsukasa arrives and henshins. They battle. Sougo asks Tsukasa to stop so he can save Geiz. But Tsukasa won’t let him, though he has to think of a reason why.

Tsukasa henshins to Build. Sougo decides to uphenshin to Decade and then to Build Final Form. The two Builds resume their battle with Sougo’s power a little more powerful than Tsukasa’s.

Tsukasa downhenshins to Decade and is able to gain the upperhand. Kasshiin sees his demon king in trouble and leaves Geiz to help Sougo. Geiz asks Tsukasa to help him end Zi-O. Tsukuyomi reminds Geiz that Tsukasa is working with the TimeJackers.

Geiz says he’ll accept help from anyone as long as it means defeating Oma Zi-O. Sougo maintains that he just wants to save Geiz, but Geiz says there is no reason for him to do that.

Zi-O 15

Kasshiin engages Geiz again and Tsukasa tells Sougo that Geiz isn’t his comrade. Woz arrives and tells Sougo he should just accept the fact that anyone who stands in his way of becoming king must be eliminated.

Sougo insists there is absolutely no way he would ever order the assassination of Geiz or the destruction of the world.

Tsukasa decides to show Sougo exactly what happens in the future. He opens a dimensional wall and forces Sougo through. Tsukuyomi jumps through to follow him.

Tsukasa drags Geiz outside, away from Kasshiin. Woz is excited to see what happens next as his demon kings will actually meet each other.

Zi-O 15

Sougo wakes up and is shocked to see a large monument of him commemorating his first henshin. Tsukuyomi walks over and confirms that they are in the year 2068. A time where Sougo is ruling as Oma Zi-O.

A man who is obviously Oma Zi-O is looking forward to meeting his younger self.

Back in 2018, Tsukasa explains to Geiz that he wanted to Sougo to see exactly what he will become before he dies. Tsukasa takes a photo of Geiz.

Zi-O 15

Woz appreciates Tsukasa’s action as it will help Sougo realize and accept his destiny. Geiz asks what Woz is truly after. Woz replies that he just does what he wants. Geiz says he’ll do the same then.

Zi-O 15

Back in 2068, Sougo is shocked to see all the people seemingly suffering in this post-apocalyptic wasteland. Tsukuyomi says they’re all probably just happy to be alive since only half of the world’s 2018 population is left.

Suddenly, a dragon swoops Sougo and Tsukuyomi over to a strange tent where the Oma Zi-O person sits inside.

Zi-O 15

Oma Zi-O wants to talk about the horrifying dream they had when they were young. Oma Zi-O says all he could do was stand and watch the destruction until the man in a hat with no face appeared.

The man told him that he had a mission to become king and save the world from this destruction.

Sougo is shocked that the man behind the curtain would know about this dream.

Zi-O 15

Suddenly, the curtain raises and Oma Zi-O reveals himself to Sougo and Tsukuyomi.

Upon seeing Oma Zi-O’s face, Sougo starts to realize that he actually will become Oma Zi-O.

Oma Zi-O says he had wanted to become king and save the world, which is exactly what he did. Sougo says he wanted to become a kind demon king. Oma Zi-O says he really is the greatest and kindest demon king.

Sougo decides to defeat Oma Zi-O right here, right now. He pushes Tsukuyomi aside and henshins. Sougo loads a Finish Time and fires at Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 15

But Oma Zi-O is still standing, now henshined and without a scratch. He shows his immense power to Sougo and assures him that he will gain such power very soon.

Sougo goes Decade, whips out his Heisaber and tries firing a Kuuga Dual Time Break at Oma Zi-O. Oma Zi-O sends it right back at Sougo.

Sougo tries a Kiva Dual Time Break, but Oma Zi-O sends it right back as well.

Sougo gives Ryuki a shot, but it’s the same result.

Oma Zi-O says if Sougo really is against becoming a demon king, then Sougo must give up his belt. That’s the only way to keep him from becoming Oma Zi-O.

Zi-O 15

Recap: Episode 15.5: Supplementary Project into Eternity (Part 1)

Tsukuyomi reads that Sougo will give up his belt. So what will happen next when Sougo leaves Zi-O?

Zi-O 15

Geiz says he’s been telling Sougo to quit showbiz since episode 1. Tsukuyomi calls Sougo “KY.” But Sougo asks what’s going to happen if he’s no longer the star.

Zi-O 15

Geiz and Tsukuyomi imagine an easy transition to Kamen Rider Geiz and Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi.

Zi-O 15

But Sougo tells them to stop and says he’s just doing what’s in the script. Tsukuyomi notes the script isn’t the Bible after all. And the script for the Supplementary Project is nonsense anyway.

Geiz mentions all the crazy lines he’s had to say so far. Sougo then decides to come up with his own lines such as “Toei doesn’t pay enough!” or “Work starts too early!” or “Don’t force me to film for over 12 hours!”

Zi-O 15

Geiz had wondered when he’d be able to express the same sentiments.

Woz appears and reminds everyone that Kamen Rider Heisei Generations FOREVER opens in theaters on December 22nd!

Sougo says they should promote the movie. But Geiz points out that the Supplementary Project is exclusive to TTFC – Toei Tokusatsu Fan Club, so anyone watching now will probably watch the movie even without their promoting it here.

Woz says the TTFC members don’t know that there’s a big surprise in the movie though.

Anyway, Woz still thinks this episode is kind of boring, despite it being the penultimate Supplementary Project episode.

Sougo, Geiz and Tsukuyomi ask what that’s supposed to mean.

Zi-O 15

Episode Thoughts

So this was definitely a pretty big episode to have this all now at only Episode 15. Though at the same time, how long can we really have Sougo doubting he’ll becoming Oma Zi-O, yes?

Will definitely be interesting what the result of this episode will be since it does mark a major turning point in the story, even if maybe a few things are a little contrived.

Like, the appearance of the Dai Mazines. Why are they appearing now, especially after Woz mentioned the timeline speeding up thanks to all of Sougo’s actions contrary to what Woz hopes from his dear king.

I do enjoy seeing Woz showing his more devious side a little bit more and more. It makes things even more intriguing moving forward as the proclamations are certainly getting a little tired, as Tsukasa showed last week. lol

Interesting to remember that Sougo meeting his future (past?) self the other week seems to have been foreshadowing this two-parter where 2018 Sougo meets, presumably, Oma Zi-O Sougo in 2068. Of course what the ramifications are of this meeting, we’ll find out next week.

Elsewhere, I loved seeing that little move by Tsukuyomi when she kicked Kasshiin to release Geiz. And then seeing her in 15.5, I am definitely hoping we get to see Kamen Rider Tsukuyomi in the future.

I loved seeing Geiz’ henshin from the back and point of view of Tsukuyomi.

Speaking of, I understand Geiz’ feelings this episode. It was nice to see him acknowledge that he really did want to give Sougo a chance and was starting to believe in him and his power to change the future and basically, his destiny to become the demon king. But having to flip-flop back and forth so many times, it must drain on Geiz and he’s probably had enough. Especially if he has lost many of his friends and comrades and even family along the way. And after what’s happened so far, he must be wondering if there’s really no way to change the future. And that whatever they do in the past, all roads still lead to the same thing.

I also still wonder if Geiz is Sougo’s son or something though. Lol I remember seeing someone suggest that and I’ve started to really think that’s the case lol

One thing I also wondered about. Where did Sougo get all those new Watches for the Dual Time Breaks?

And I’m kind of sad the Supplementary Episodes end next week. =( They’ve been fun.

Overall, this episode is hopefully a major step forward in the story. I enjoyed it.

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  1. Well, I was scared a little. Although we couldn’t see Oma Zi-O’s face, I immediately thought that can’t be good. Sougo still believes in his innocence, but can he really get rid of his belt? And indeed, too bad next X.5 episode is the last and, we have to wait half year to see “Heisei Generations Forever”

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