Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 37 – The Ultimate Phase

Build 37

Evolto henshins to Evol Rabbit and declares Phase 3 is complete. He tries the Evol Trigger, but it doesn’t work yet. He says he can’t control the power of Pandora’s Box after a force jump into a human.

Ryuga tries to henshin, but nothing happens. Evolto says he can’t anymore because he took back all his genes from Ryuga’s body. Now Ryuga is no longer Rider compatible. Kazumi steps forward to try and save Sento, but it only takes Evolto one kick and a toss in the air to force Kazumi to dehenshin.

Evolto knows Pandora’s Box is at Nascita so he heads over.

Build 37

Vernage senses Evolto is on his way so she somehow picks up the entire building and plops it down elsewhere. Literally. Sawa can’t believe it.

Meanwhile, Evolto heads back to the Tower after seeing Nascita is gone. He is confronted by Nanba who wants answers. Evolto explains that he must surpass Hazard Level 6 to activate the Trigger and regain his power over Pandora’s Box. But he’s in no hurry since he’s grown to love Earth. Humans are amusing and he wants to creep on them a little longer. But he is still loyal to Nanba.

Nanba orders Evolto to retrieve Pandora’s Box soon then.

Build 37

Across town, Ryuga and Kazumi meet with Gentoku to tell him about what happened. Ryuga wants Gentoku to make him into a Rider again, but he says he can’t since he knows nothing about science. The only way to become Rider compatible outside of being injected with Nebula Gas is to manipulate genes like Evolto.

Ryuga says if that’s the case, then Gentoku is the only one who can back up Kazumin in the fight to save Sento. He bows and asks for his help.

“I killed your girlfriend,” Gentoku reminds him. Ryuga says he knows, but that’s why he doesn’t want to lose any more people he loves.

Gentoku insists he can’t do it because he doesn’t have the resolve to fight with the Rider System. Originally, it came from the country his father entrusted to him. Now that he’s gone, he has nothing to fight for.

Build 37

Ryuga gets a call from SenVolto who demands they bring Pandora’s Box within the hour or they never see Sento again. Evolto threatens to erase Sento’s personality any time he wants.

Evolto asks Sento if he heard all of this and blames Sento for all his plans falling apart. To pay him back, Evolto will kill all the people he loves.

Back at the former Faust labs, Kazumi says he will handle all this himself then. Sento always helped others without giving a second thought to what sacrifices he might make. Now Kazumi will do the same, remembering Sento’s goal of love and peace. He didn’t understand it once, but he and Ryuga ended up fighting for it too.

Kazumi tells Gentoku that Papa PM isn’t the only one who can put the country back together.

Build 37

Nanba has the Bros keep an eye on Evolto as Kazumi and Ryuga arrive with Pandora’s Box. Ryuga demands Sento be released, but Evolto says no because Sento pissed him off. Instead, he will kill both Ryuga and Kazumi while Sento’s watches.

Evolto is confident they are no match for him, so he tells the Bros to take care of them instead. Ryuga shakes a FullBottle for some extra punch in his punch, but it is not enough. He gets knocked aside. Kazumi asks for some power from his Crows. But before he can deliver a finisher, Evolto zaps him, allowing the Bros to gain the upper hand.

Just then, Gentoku jumps in to block the Bros’ finisher at Kazumi. Gentoku calls Kazumi “a “potato” before taking on the Bros. He is able to knock out Rai Washio. Fu Washio goes Hell Bros, but that is still no match for Gentoku.

Evolto is surprised to see Touto, Hokuto and Seito’s Riders all joining forces.

Build 37

Evolto decides to henshin to Evol Cobra and take on Gentoku. Evolto mocks Gentoku’s ability to reunify Japan. But Gentoku says he can merely lay the foundation for a future reunification by doing what he can to bring about love and peace.

Gentoku calls over to Kazumi and the two of them tag team Evolto. Evolto Builds Up to Evol Rabbit. Ryuga watches as Kazumi and Gentoku begin struggling against the power up.

Ryuga notices the Dragon FullBottle hanging off Evolto’s side so he runs over and grabs it. Evolto is surprised he was able to swipe it, but he says Ryuga won’t be able to handle it anyway.

Build 37

Ryuga doesn’t care. He is resolved to do everything he can. Ryuga tries engaging Evolto in a fist fight. Evolto, however, just swats him aside and says Ryuga was able to fight like this and raise his Hazard Level because of the genes. Now, he doesn’t have them.

Evolto shoves Ryuga down the stairs.

Ryuga gets up and continues punching at Evolto. Evolto says it doesn’t matter how many times he tries, Ryuga won’t be able to bea…

Suddenly, Ryuga’s punches begin to make much more of an impact, much to Evolto’s surprise.

The FullBottle turns gold and the little Dragon flies in. Ryuga inserts the FullBottle and then locks in the Dragon into his Driver. He henshins to Great Cross-Z Dragon.

Evolto can’t believe it. He wonders out loud if new genes were created to allow Ryuga to henshin like this. Ryuga tells him to shut up and he Builds Up to Cross-Z Magma. He asks Sento to lend him some power as he charges toward Evolto.

Evolto still does not understand how Ryuga can be stronger than before. Ryuga delivers a Volcanic Finish at Evolto and has him on the ground. Ryuga, Kazumi and Gentoku team up to deliver finishers at Evolto to save Sento.

But Evolto uses the Trigger to block their attack and it suddenly powers up. Evolto holds the Trigger up in the air and calls on his true power to rise. A huge tornado of energy sucks Gentoku and Kazumi into the whirlwind before getting spit out.

Build 37

Ryuga sees Sento come hurtling toward him. He is forced to dehenshin.

Gentoku and Kazumi looks up and see a black hole forming above the tower and Evolto regaining his true form.

Ryuga is able to wake Sento. But Sento is actually… Katsuragi Takumi.

Build 37

Episode Thoughts

Interesting developments. It was a little bit of a slower episode, but a nice ending.

Though honestly, I wanted to see Atsuhiro Inukai as Evolto a little longer. It’s always fun to see the actors play completely opposite characters than their “normal” role in-series or characters the complete opposite of their real life personalities. It would’ve been fun to see him playing Evolto compared to Sento.

But anyway, Evolto continues along his path to who knows what. His endgame is much more cloudy now. He wanted to destroy Earth like he did Mars (for whatever reason). But now he says nope, because he’s grown fond of it. Umm… okay. So what does that have to do with Nanba wanting to take over the world with “Made in Japan” products?

The pace of Evolto’s rise makes me think he’ll be offed soon and/or Nanba getting absorbed by him or becoming Evolto 2.0 is the season’s endgame.

Though since one of the major themes this season is war, I think maybe fleshing out an Evolto vs Vernage war on Mars would be interesting. We got the proxy wars arc earlier. We could easily have Evolto and Vernage’s proxy war via Nanba Heavy Industries and the Riders. There’s some good material there.

Again though, while all the action is fun to watch, I always go back to the characters.

And this episode, we see more of the bromance at work. This time, Ryuga desperate to save his friend Sento. And that strong bond got him his powers back. Then the shock that Sento might be gone forever and Ryuga is left with Katsuragi, a guy he does know or care to be in a bromance with.

I can easily see Sento merely pretending to be Katsuragi and losing his Sento memory though. All to protect his loved ones and all that. It’s not the first time Sento has some big unspoken plan up his sleeve. It fits with Evolto taunting Sento with the “You hear what I’m saying?!” as well as Evolto’s Jekyll and Hyde conversations with Soichi in earlier episodes too.

Vernage being able to move the entire building is interesting, though a little Meh as well. She can do anything, apparently. And that’s fine for now.

Overall, this was a solid episode.

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