Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 36 – Evolto Hunts the Stars

Build 36

Evolto declares it is the end of the world. But he suddenly pulls out the EvolTrigger from Pandora’s Box which also sucks out all the color from the FullBottles.

Evolto tries to activate the EvolTrigger, but nothing happens. Everything becomes calm around then and MisoraVernage appears. Vernage slams Evolto against the tower wall and keeps him there until she can whisk Sento and Pandora’s Box back to the lab.

Build 36

Vernage explains that Pandora’s Tower is the catalyst for the destruction of worlds. When it was completed on Mars, a strange void appeared above it and sucked everything into it.

Evolto, meanwhile, is a lifeform from a planet unknown to Earth. And he was able to destroy Mars single handedly. Vernage, as the last survivor, was prepared to give her life to save the planet. She damaged the Evol Driver and separated Evolto’s soul from his body. But Evolto hid his soul in the Box.

Vernage warns Evolto must not gain his complete form. She walks over to Pandora’s Box and refills the FullBottles. She says her power was what stopped the Box from opening ten years ago. The Box can only be opened using Bottles that contain elements of the planet. So Evolto created 60 Bottles from Soichi’s memory.

When Misora had snuck into the room containing Pandora’s Box, Vernage used the bangle to possess her and empty the FullBottles. But she ran out of energy and fell into a coma.

Build 36

VernaSora collapses. Sento goes to catch her, but Kazumin pushes him aside so he can catch her instead. His heart palpitates at the fact that he is *thisclose* to Miitan. He unwittingly debates out loud what he should do next before Sento snaps him out of it, calls him creepy and carries Misora to her bed.

Sawa arrives and is shocked to see Gentoku. He leaves, saying his job is done here. He heads up the stairs and through the fridge, but Kazumi wants to bring him somewhere.

Across town, Evolto meets with Nanba and Nariaki who want answers as to why he opened Pandora’s Box. Evolto says it was all to show the peoples the power that Nanba Heavy Industries can wield.

Evolto says Nanba can simply declare victory now. He turns to leave, but Nanba sternly reminds him to retrieve Pandora’s Box.

Build 36

Back at the lab, Sento explains to Sawa how he is working to create an item that will push the boundaries of Build’s abilities using the power of Pandora’s Box. He was able to restore deleted data from Papa Katsuragi’s research and found that one of the panels can be reconstructed into another device. But it will make the Rider System exceed human limits. Sawa says that’s dangerous. But Sento is sure he can come up with something. Neither of them know Misora is awake and listening to everything they’ve been talking about.

Build 36

Meanwhile, Kazumi wants to settle the score with Gentoku. Kazumi says if he wins this battle, Gentoku must do what he asks. They both henshin and begin.

Kazumi says he can raise his Hazard Level by thinking of his hometown. He asks Gentoku what he can do. Gentoku thinks of his father dying in his arms.

That pause allows Kazumi to deliver a Scrap Finish at Gentoku, forcing him to dehenshin.

“Now you’ll listen to me,” Kazumi says, having won. “Join forces with us.”

Build 36

Kazumi shows Gentoku the memorial cross of the Crows. While he doesn’t forgive Gentoku for killing Akaba, he knows the Crows would think he was petty for not wanting to work with Gentoku.

Build 36

Later, Kazumi calls Sento when Evolto begins rampaging downtown. Before Sento leaves, Misora approaches him, knowing the device will put him in danger. Sento says it’s okay and he starts to walk out.

But Misora grabs his arm. “That pisses me off,” she says.

Misora is upset Sento does not value his own life more. Sento is ready to just die, but what will happen to the rest of them if he’s gone? “Think of the people who are left behind! If I don’t stop you now, I’ll never forgive myself for the rest of my life!”

Misora clutches Sento’s sleeve. She says she wouldn’t be able to bear the pain.

Sento says he is responsible for starting this war. But Misora says that’s not reason to just throw his life away and leave his loved ones in pain.

Build 36

“I’m the only one who can stop this war. I have no choice but to fight.”

Misora only cries harder, frustrated that she doesn’t seem to be getting through to him. Sento tells her she has and not to worry. He will return fine.

Sento leaves Misora and heads out.

Build 36

Evolyuga oversees the Guardians and Hard Smash and everyone else rampaging downtown. NanbaMido broadcasts to the country to announce Seito declares victory and has officially taken over Touto.

Sento and Kazumi come running and quickly henshin. RyuVolto continues to just watch until they take care of the Smashes and he henshins himself into Evol Cobra.

Build 36

Sento manages to use some tricks to whack RyuVolto around. He Builds Up to Tank Tank and attempts a Full Bottle Break. Evolto is surprised Sento has passed “Phase 1.” He goes Evol Dragon and breaks free of Sento’s attacks.

NanbaMido declares it’s time to show the world exactly what “Made in Japan” means.

Evolto is not surprised Nanba is showing just how greedy and foolish humans can be. All the more deserving of being destroyed. Sento takes out his new device. He thinks of Misora’s words, but he knows he has to protect everyone and restore peace.

Sento inserts his new device and Builds Up. Kazumi hurries over to witness Sento using the new device to raise his Hazard Level to 6. That is very much beyond human limits. Evolto says this is just another example of human greed.

Evolto explains that he started this war so Sento could restore his power. If there were a war, Sento would have no choice but to strengthen the Rider System. That would then be enough power to activate the Evol Trigger which would allow Sento to become the most powerful Kamen Rider evah.

Sento tries punching Evolto, but Evolto inserts his first into Sento instead. Evolto plans on taking over Build and becoming complete. He releases Ryuga from his body.

Sento takes this as his cue. He spins his Driver and asks Evolto to measure his Hazard Level. Evolto can’t believe Sento’s Hazard Level continues rising.

Sento explains that through Papa Katsuragi’s research, he knew exactly what Evolto’s plan was. He pretended to fall into Evolto’s trap just to save Ryuga.

Evolto asks if Sento knows what raising his Hazard Level so quickly can do. Sento says yes. He will die and take Evolto with him.

Build 36

Evolto refuses to believe a human was able to outsmart him. Just then, a huge explosion.

A white haired Sento collapses next to Ryuga who finally comes to. Sento gets up.

Build 36

Actually, it is Evolto. And he has taken over Sento’s body. He henshins to Evol Rabbit.

Evolto declares Phase 3 complete.

Build 36

Episode Thoughts

A very interesting and exciting episode. There’s definitely been lots of explaining, but it’s okay. I still feel like everything makes sense and none of these big developments, revelations and “twists” are out of nowhere. Everything has reasonable basis in things we’ve already seen during this season.

Evolto’s elaborate plan to have human science restore his body works because we can trace back the different actions by Evolto and Soichi that point to everything having been going according to plan over the course of the season. There have been hints, but not overtly so. And not even traditional foreshadowing either. It’s the kind of thing where you can look back and go “Oh! Yeah, I see it.”

There’s still more than 10 episodes left. So that’s plenty of story left to tell. Again, I really don’t know where the season is heading. And that’s a good thing. I mean, it’s different from recent seasons where you don’t know where things are headed because you don’t really even understand what’s going on. Or maybe not even care. Here, we can see different endgames for various characters. So there’s a sense of building towards a big conclusion. But at the same time, as has happened in the last stretch of episodes, anything can happen. And the foundation had already been set right under our noses.

It’s all very exciting.

4 thoughts on “Recap: Kamen Rider Build, Episode 36 – Evolto Hunts the Stars

  1. I…. don’t really like Build.

    To copy-paste something from I wrote on Discord:

    You’re good.
    But you just… You’re not good in my opinion.
    Everyone knows why.
    Mainly due in part to the obvious representative battle arc with all the Crows being killed off and our heroes winning. The Evolt arc started out nicely. But then Evolt came in, we know nothing about him aside from his goal, and all he does is just sit there saying that everything is “all according to keikaku” making this entire final arc feel meaningless.
    Nice merch, though.

    “Not to mention all what I presume to be Vernage-and-Pandora-Box Ex Machinas.
    I try hard to like this show.
    But now, with all my distastes on the table…..
    All I’m really doing is watching for the forms (more like skipping to them) and waiting for Zi-O.”

    1. I get that. I think what I have enjoyed best about the season is the characters. I actually like and care about the characters and what happens to them as we get to the finale. Which is not really something I’d say for any season since Wizard. Maybe Gaim.

      I definitely have my issues with how Soichi/Evolto developed and was revealed. I think there was a huge missed opportunity to make that into something really amazing. But for whatever reason, I just feel excited about what’s happening. I can see things make sense and fit a little more than in previous seasons as well. I guess it might even be relative, my enjoyment of Build. I feel like the last couple of seasons have been lacking so any improvement for me is huge.

      1. Huh. I’m actually enjoying Ghost, and Ex-Aid is one of my top favorites.

        Oh well, to each their own~

        Characters are this series’ strong point. Although the writer does seem to retread finished plot threads (such as Sawa being a spy TWICE and Ryuga learning what it means to be a hero TWICE).

        And Evolto’s reveal wasn’t as strong (he felt like he came out of nowhere with very little foreshadowing) and his possession of the characters doesn’t last longer than an episode, nor do much other than give him a powerup, before he moves onto his next upgrade immediately in the next episode.
        I also feel the show is suffering because of his “everything is all according to plan, even my losses are wins” shtick. It feels like it’s making this whole final arc feel worthless.

        And the middle war arc felt a bit boring- with multiple representative battles in a row and a whole lot of angst from Sento (I was in a bad spot in my college life at the time, and angst was not what I needed, so I mostly skipped this arc).
        Not to mention the mountains of poorly-used exposition. Exposition should be used to build on previously-known information; not be the only way to forward the story! Seriously, some of the key plot points and arc-starters and -enders are TOLD to us!

        ….Build started off good. But I feel like it’s starting to dip in quality.

        Then again, I was hyped for Build. But once the first episode dropped, I never watched it. Build was into the 20’s before I started “watching”.
        I’ve only seen 20 episodes (1-6, 10-15, 17, 19-21, 24, 18, 31, 36, and 37) and feel as though I haven’t missed anything particularly interesting.

        So my arguments are probably invalid.


        And then there’s the SPOILER-Y episode summaries for 38-41…..

        Something about Evolto sending a mercenary (Mad Rogue) to kill Sento, despite having regained all his Mars-destroying powers.

        1. Sorry, I kinda went on a tangent. 🙁

          My point is…. Build may be good to many.

          But I feel like it over-utilizes some good storytelling mechanics, such as exposition and a “Xanatos Gambit” villain, to the point that they feel redundant and silly.

          And, again, several plot points get replayed for drama; such as Sawa spying and Ryuga hero-ing, which I’ve mentioned before, and the 2-in-a-row representative battle arc.

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