Good Ol’ Review: Ra Mi Ran Shines in KBS Drama Special Madam Jeong’s One Last Week

Very minor spoilers.

Madam Jeong’s One Last Week (정마담의 마지막 일주일) is a fun, quirky but touching KBS Drama Special entry. But more importantly, it is an excellent showcase of Ra Mi Ran’s exceptional talent.

The hour starts off as we meet Madam Jeong (Ra Mi Ran), a hostess, as she escapes from a mob boss in Busan. But as she runs away she stumbles upon a huge bag of cash and she uses that cash to go into hiding for 7 years to allow the statute of limitations to pass on her charge of theft. She hides in a small basement apartment in Seoul, never leaving that apartment while having all her necessities delivered to her. But with one week left before she’s free and clear to travel to her dream destination of Canada, everything is thrown into chaos when she meets little girl park Eunmi.

Their interactions are sort of a cute, Odd Couple kind of vibe until we learn about Eunmi’s abusive stepfather and Madam Jeong’s own painful past.

The hour develops from being such a fun and amusing back and forth before developing into a dramatic and emotional fight for survival, basically, for our two main characters.

Shin Rin Ah was great as Eunmi, getting us to feel for her situation immediately. But it is definitely Ra Mi Ran who absolutely owns the hour and proves once again just what an incredible talent she is. It is wonderful to see her getting so many excellent projects and perfect roles that allow her to showcase that.

Though this episode was a little bit lighter compared to the KBS Drama Specials that I’ve watched so far from this season, Madam Jeong’s One Last Week still continues the streak of great, enjoyable and refreshing stories on Korean television. And this one is special for having a lot of heart.

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