Recap: Uchu Sentai Kyuranger, Episode 29 – Orion, The Strongest Warrior

Kyuranger 29

The present day Kyurangers enter The Orion and find it as if it has been sitting here damaged for 300 years. But there is no sign of the others. They are fearing the worst.

Lucky takes the Tokei Kyutama. With The Orion in no shape to travel in, Lucky will go back in time by himself in his Voyager. Hammie, Garu, Balance and Kotaro see him off and promise to keep working on saving Naga.

Kyuranger 29

Once Lucky arrives in the past, the Tokei Kyutama disappears. He sees The Orion is still intact and then sees the others sprawled all across the ground. He runs over to check on them when Orion arrives and introduces himself.

Orion suddenly charges at Lucky, but it’s because a Deathworm springs up from the ground behind him. They fight it, but it makes Orion drop three Kyutama. The Deathworm eats one of them and leaves.

Orion says it’s Lucky’s fault that the Deathworm ate the Tomo Kyutama. Remembering how they eventually find it, Lucky says it’s alright.

Kyuranger 29

Lucky and Orion bring the others onto The Orion. Orion says he put Tsurugi in cryo sleep in case of a future unforeseen danger. He can’t believe Lucky and friends are the ones who brought him back to life. Especially since they had to come back to the past.

Orion is in even more disbelief when Lucky says Don Armage is still alive in the future. Tsurugi comes to and says Lucky is telling the truth. The others also regain consciousness and are surprised to see him here. Lucky tells them the unfortunate news that Naga is still under Jark Matter control.

Orion can’t believe Jark Matter also exists in the future. Commander Ronpo says it was Don Armage himself who attacked them earlier.

Kyuranger 29

After they crash landed on Earth and exited The Orion, Don Armage appeared and attacked them. That confirmed he really wasn’t defeated.

Just then, The Orion is rocked by more attacks. Lucky and Orion run outside and it is the three Vice Shoguns. Lucky notices that they look different from the ones they’ve already met in the future.

Kyuranger 29

Akyanba and Tecchu are joined by Kukuruga who says they are looking for Tsurugi. Lucky tells the others to take The Orion and leave the area. Raptor is able to rev it up and they take off.

Kyuranger 29

Lucky morphs and he and Orion take on the Vice Shoguns. Orion tells Lucky to leave and watch the strongest warrior of The Orion system handle this. But Lucky goes Taiyou to show what he can do as well.

With The Orion safely away, Lucky and Orion also leave and rejoin the others.

Kyuranger 29
The Kyurangers wonder what they can do to stop Don Armage now before he takes over the galaxy. Spada suggests they go back and help Tsurugi and the other warriors during the decisive battle. Tsurugi says that would trigger the butterfly effect, but it appears to be the only way.

Lucky says they can’t. Once the Tokei Kyutama’s Kyu Energy is used, it is not restored. He tells them about the Tokei Kyutama disappearing as soon as he arrived earlier. Commander Ronpo says they must leave some energy to enable them to return to the future.

Lucky says they can just defeat Don Armage now, especially while he’s still injured from the battle. Orion thinks that’s impossible considering how the best warriors from the 88 constellations fought Don Armage and still lost. He won’t be defeated easily, even if wounded.

Kyuranger 29

Orion says the best plan is to wait and for them to recover. Lucky says they can’t wait any longer otherwise it’ll be too late.

Kyuranger 29

Tsurugi finds Orion by the river. Orion says Lucky seems like a reckless fool. But Tsurugi says that’s not the case and recounts how Lucky might become even more legendary than him. Orion doesn’t believe that.

Tsurugi asks Orion if he’s been able to see his newborn yet. Orion says no since he’s been here on Earth putting Tsurugi to sleep. In the meantime, Orion sent his wife back to her home system, the Leo constellation, with the baby.

Orion wants to help create a galaxy where his children and children’s children won’t have to fight. Tsurugi says that’s still possible as long as they can defeat Don Armage here.

Orion says Tsurugi is no condition to fight.

Kyuranger 29

The others appear.

Kyuranger 29 Kyuranger 29
Kyuranger 29 Kyuranger 29
Kyuranger 29 Kyuranger 29

And they are all also ready to fight alongside Lucky.

Kyuranger 29

Meanwhile, Lucky arrives in front of the Vice Shoguns and morphs. He tries taking on a dozen or so Indavers. But the Vice Shoguns also join in and attack Lucky.

The others arrive just in time to help out. Orion watches the Kyurangers finish off the Indavers.

The Vice Shoguns also just watch and then attack once the Kyurangers are free. They are all forced to demorph.

Kyuranger 29

The Kyurangers are not giving up. But Kukuruga sends a blast toward them. They brace themselves, but Orion blocks the attack.

Orion has been moved by Lucky’s words. They must defeat Don Armage, no matter what it takes.

Kyuranger 29

The Kyurangers all morph once again and the battle with the Vice Shoguns begin.

Lucky and Orion take on Akyanba. Stinger, Champ and Tsurugi take on Kukuruga. Spada, Raptor and Commander Ronpo take on Tecchu, but he embiggens himself, so the three of them hop into RyuTei-Oh.

Lucky and Orion are doing well against Akyanba together. Orion says he’s taken a liking to Lucky and believes in him. The two of them deliver their finishers at Akyanba who can’t believe they are beating her. She is defiant and declares the galaxy belongs to Don Armage. She fires at them, but Lucky and Orion block and hold the attack.

Kyuranger 29

Just then, a bright glowing thing appears above them. They send the attack hurtling back and it travels right past Akyanba to leave gaping holes in the building and the mountain behind her.

The glowing thing disappears and Lucky and Orion deliver the final final blows at Akyanba.

Tsurugi hops into Gigant Houou to help Commander Ronpo, Spada and Raptor finish off Tecchu. The four of them hop back down.

All the Kyurangers are assembled and surround Kukuruga. They charge at him, but Don Armage smokes ’em, literally.

Kyuranger 29

Don Armage appears, embiggened, to put a stop to the Kyurangers.

The Kyurangers attempt to deliver a Phoenix End and All Star Crash at him. Don Armage disappears. Did it work?

Kyuranger 29

Suddenly, a black gloved thing shoots right at Lucky’s stomach. Lucky demorphs, blood coming out of his mouth and abdomen, and collapses to the ground.

Spada and Raptor hurry over to him. But the dark figure approaches, removes his hood.

Kyuranger 29

It is Don Armage.

“Now… who’s next?”

Episode Thoughts

Wowowow. Again!

So, I mean, we know Lucky isn’t going to die of course. But damn was that final scene effective. I think just how it all played out, starting with Akyanba’s pretty brutal death. Then this terrifying shot of Don Armage:
Kyuranger 29

Then the shock of Lucky not only getting shot, but the image of him collapsing, blood coming out of his mouth. Like, dude.

And then Don Armage removes his hooded cape. Gaaah! Chills! Like, when was the last time a toku villain caused you to get chills. Like this is insane!

I mean, they talked about taking on Don Armage, but having them come face to face with him, literally!, like this was very surprising.

At first, when the episode started, I was kinda iffy with having Lucky go back in time alone. It’s a typical red-focus kind of way to tackle the story. Not to mention he seemed to have a pretty problem-free time of making the journey to the past as well. It took the others all this time and preparation, yet Lucky just hops in his Voyager and he’s there.

The rest of the episode certainly made up for any reservations I had with Lucky going at it alone. I’m glad we still got a little bit of the #SaveNaga team’s worry about their friends while in the deteriorated Orion at the start.

Speaking of, I loved the little details of the set like the trees outside the “window” of The Orion’s bridge:
Kyuranger 29
Wrecking the set halfway into the season must have been fun work.

Elsewhere, I loved that little bit with the Tomo Kyutama and the Deathworm. That was very creative. As well as using the flashback to Eris talking about Orion mentioning a savior. Gives me confidence that headwriter Nobuhiro Mouri knows what he’s doing with the story.

I loved the perspective shot from Commander Ronpo’s rifle.
Kyuranger 29
Very cool.

And finally, something that they seem to be hinting very heavily at. As soon as Tsurugi mentioned Orion having a child and Orion saying he told his wife to take the child back to her home system, the Leo! constellation… I immediately thought and I think most people probably thought the same thing. They’re setting something up. Orion might very well be connected very closely with a character we know.

If so, then this could have some huge potential for great story. And an emotional one at that. I’m looking forward to it very much.

Overall, a very exciting episode with a very affecting cliffhanger. Loved it.

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