Mini-Recap: The Amazing Race China 4, Episode 3

TAR China

The Amazing Race China Season 4 continues with another great Leg, this time in Stockholm, Sweden.

The episode uploads on YouTube didn’t seem to have the pre-credits segment of the first task. Apparently, it was chipping away at ice to reach their clue. That’s not bad a task to have.

TAR China TAR China

So the first thing I actually watched this Leg was the Face Off. And it was pretty great (as soon as I understood what was going on lol). So much better than any sport-related Face Off TAR Canada has done so far. It was a creative task that didn’t really give one team an advantage over another. There was a little bit of luck involved, but also some strategy.

TAR China TAR China

Zhang Jike and Dad’s Speed Bump was also pretty solid. A simple, but maybe tedious task is fine.

The Active Route Info task with a focus on Sweden’s Midsummer festivities was good. It would’ve also made a great Detour choice as well. Maybe I would’ve preferred that to be paired with the alphabet side of the Detour which was more on luck and attention to detail.

TAR China TAR China

The Detour was a little unbalanced since the log sawing is one of the most infamous TAR tasks and then they went and combined it with axe throwing which is also a little bit of luck too.

They were all good tasks, but especially with a U-Turn, I don’t know that it was the best Detour pairing.

TAR China TAR China

The Road Block was fine as well. It actually might have worked better as a Face Off with both team members in the boat instead, controlling their own destiny. There were a few times when the person paddling their boats seemed to be more at fault for the Road Block participant falling than the Road Block participant themselves. Lol But I liked it.

The putting together map pieces from the entire Leg is awesome (and very-TARPHDME-like lol), especially as one last challenge for the teams before the Pit Stop.

Overall a good, solid and full Leg.

TAR China

The teams have all been fun so far. I only realized after this Leg (and I double checked after) that Deng Bin & Wang Xinyu were from the K-pop band VARSITY that debuted in January, I think it was. It didn’t immediately click in my head when I saw the name and I thought VARSITY-V was a C-Pop group or something. But no, they are the Chinese members of the large, new K-pop group. That’s pretty cool. But they were in the back of the pack most of their time on the Race. I think partly because of the linear Leg 2, but they also didn’t really step it up when they needed to and fell behind during tasks and opportunities where they could’ve moved up.

2 thoughts on “Mini-Recap: The Amazing Race China 4, Episode 3

  1. Hello, I am also another blogger that is also recapping the Amazing Race China [spoiler alert: I want the recently eliminated team of my Sweden episode to stay longer cause they are more entertaining than half of the teams right now]. For the Detour it would be best to do the pair of the Midsummer Route Info and the Runes, but I think that at least 25% of the teams will quit the log cutting/axe throwing task when it is a Route Info. And the Swedish buffet is awesome. Favorite teams right now are Fan Bing Bing & Evonne, Yuan Chuang and Chuang Zi & Yang Xing Yue.

    1. Hi there! I’ll definitely check out your recaps. I definitely need a little help with some details sometimes hehe.

      When it comes to difficult tasks like the log cutting/axe throwing, I like to see them as Route Info tasks just to force all teams to do them. But you’re right, possibility of quitting is high on tasks like those.

      I don’t have a favorite team right now. I like everyone so far.

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